Trill support group



It doesn't matter if we put him on ignore, we know he's still out there. If an ax murderer turned up outside my house simply shutting the curtains isn't going to save me. Trill give me the chills.
Never ever noticed him.


team bougatsa
What are your plans when/if in London and will you try and spy on Neil?

You should do an even more hilarious thing about him than that woman did about Morrissey. My life with Morrissey is not only the worst thing ever recorded but also the funniest somehow in a tragic way.

You should call it My life without Neil Codling and be all over dramatic on camera crying and kicking and biting pillows.
i forgot about that amazing movie. funniest thing I've ever seen, never laughed so hard in my life.


its not me its you.
guys a wank,hes not been on here in a while,lets hope hes moved on to some other website or even better in hospital.he even stole my thumbnail,the rodent.
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