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Various Artists - Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware CD
(A Matinée Tribute to The Smiths)
January 2004

1. The Pines - Ask
2. Pale Sunday - I Know It's Over
3. The Lucksmiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
4. Slipslide - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
5. Pipas - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
6. Lovejoy - Girlfriend In A Coma
7. Would-Be-Goods - Back To The Old House
8. The Young Tradition - Sheila Take A Bow
9. Simpático - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
10. The Guild League - Panic
11. The Liberty Ship - Sweet and Tender Hooligan
12. The Snowdrops - Bigmouth Strikes Again (live)

Old Mother Hell

I have this. I worship The Smiths so I figured I've give this a go. Well? It's shite. Avoid it like the f***ing plague. It's the kind of whimpering, simpering, snivelling Smithsian geek-fans like this lot that gives us a bad name.


not so bad i think, somes great stuffs like "Ask" "there's a light" "sheila take a bow".

Ok it's much like a ballad but good ones, better than this lots of awful ones in circulation
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