TQID reissue virtual CD 5


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A compilation of 11 live tracks and "missing" demos, serving as a virtual fifth CD of the TQID reissue (the forth CD being made up of the download-only live tracks). I put this together primarily for myself. There's nothing new here, and I'm aware it omits one of the demos of Rubber Ring, but I didn't want two on there. You can always add it in yourself if you like.

The tracks are MP3, but have been handled losslessly, not re-encoded.

1. TQID instrumental demo
2. Frankly trumpet
3. IKIO live at GMEX, 19 July 1986
4. NHNE live at Laguna Hills, 28 Aug 1986
5. Cemetry Gates live at GMEX, 19 July 1986
6. Bigmouth Whistle Test, 20 May 1986
7. Unloveable demo
8. Vicar instrumental demo
9. There Is A Light live in Kilburn, 23 Oct 1986
10. Some Girls instrumental mix
11. Rubber Ring Drone demo

Cover star: Lea Massari

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ri4tzh5icmecglm/TQID CD 5.zip?dl=0

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I have a problem with Dropbox, if someone can share it via sendspace it would be great.
Thanks in advance.

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