Tour ticket prices, your thoughts


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I have seen some people remarking on Facebook that the ticket prices are high for the euro tour,from my position I believe they are reasonable.I spent over £300 for me and my wife to see Dylan and Neil young last year and would do it again,what are your thoughts?
Look back at the comments and predictions before we knew the prices and you’ll see why it’s gone quiet of that front
In the 29 years I’ve been following Morrissey, I can’t think of one occasion tickets have been hard to come by. Even in the days of the concerts selling out in minutes, it was relatively easy to get them outside the venue, and in almost all cases, hold out to the final moments, and you pick the up for pennies
I think the only time I have paid over the odds was Middlesbrough in 2011. I bought them off eBay for double bubble. There would have been some reason why, but I can’t remember
I suppose it’s how desperate you are, as to what you’ll pay. I have paid way over the odds for other events a couple of times, though.
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