Tour Setlist without Smiths songs


Surmontil 50
Sorrow Will Come In The End (Aphex Twin remix)
Our Frank
Kid's A Looker (x 2)
Dagenham Dave
Roy's Keane
The Operation (drum solo only, repeated 10 times)


Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
Son Of My Father
Sugar Baby Love

Nah it should be:

We're Having A Gangbang
Mad World
Cruise Into Christmas
Ring Of Fire
Lapti Nek


Don't Cha
I Took My Harp To A Party
Careless Whisper - (This Heat remix)


All Smiths and Morrissey solo songs which were not covers have vocal melodies composed solely by S.P. Morrissey.

In pop music, that's the whole kit and kaboodle.

I agree. I think it's Moz's lyrics and melodies that really MAKE the songs.


I mean Morrissey did this in the early days--on the Kill Uncle Tour, and I think the Your Arsenal Tour as well. He didn't play any Smiths songs until the Boxers tour, right?

And people still came. I mean I would go see Morrissey if he didn't play any Smiths songs, I think his solo career is strong. But I am also not adverse to him playing Smiths songs. People obviously still want to hear them and they are much part of his career as any of his solo stuff. I saw Marr in concert and he played a lot of Smiths stuff and I feel the same way--they are just as much part of Marr's career as any of his solo stuff. Both men have a right to play them and the audience clearly likes them.

Instead of dropping Smiths songs I'd rather see Morrissey just play a longer setlist and really hit all of his career--both the singles/greatest hits type stuff and some "rarities" so to speak.

In the end, he can only do wrong with many people. If he plays no Smiths songs people complain he's ignoring the only material people want to hear, if plays Smiths songs then he's living off the past to make money. I've never seen someone stuck in a bigger Catch-22.


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I'd still go if he decided not to sing any Smiths songs, there's dozens of tracks from his solo back catalogue that would sound ace if played live, sadly these are criminally overlooked as he always opts for the classics. I'd love to hear these live:

Alsatian Cousin
Girl Least Likely To
Will Never Marry
Piccaddily Palare
Our Frank
Sister I'm A Poet
Swallow On My Neck
Glamourous Glue
Billy Budd
Whatever Happens, I Love You (that'd sound amazing live)
The Operation
Come Back To Camden
You Know I Couldn't Last
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
Something Is Squeezing My Skull
When Last I Spoke To Carol
My Dearest Love
Art Hounds

And a few other interchangeable ones chucked in for good measure.


i could happily live without hearing moz's band play their version of this charming man ever again :D compared to johnnys live set his smiths songs still sound like an absolute dream :guitar:

srsly though 70/80% of people attending moz gigs will be expecting to hear smiths songs played

would be much more interested in listening to some solo stuff like that listed above, but he'd only fill the set with more tunes from his recent albums anyway so donotwant

i'd love a full gig of bona drag / circa 1995 songs but we aren't going to get it :rolleyes:


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I went to see Echo and the Bunnymen do in Liverpool's echo arena to see them perform the entire Ocean Rain album with an orchestra.
It was absolutely amazing and the arena was almost sold out.
They also done a set with varied bunnymen songs.
How it worked was the Bunnymen came out and done their mixed set then went off and the fabulous Glasvegas came on and then the Bunnymen came on for the Ocean Rain set.
Morrissey doing an entire album would work so long as he done a mixed set also.

Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?
I think this would be a good show:

Boy Racer
First of the Gang to Die
Action is My Middle Name
*New Song*
*New Song*
Glamorous Glue
In the Future When All Is Well
Everyday is Like Sunday
*New Song*
*New Song*
Alsatian Cousin
*New Song*
My Love Life
Now My Heart is Full
Art Hounds
Satan Rejected My Soul

Rehearsed Extras, to be sprinkled in as the tour goes on:


I agree. I think it's Moz's lyrics and melodies that really MAKE the songs.

Then how does that explain why, by consensus, most of the songs Marr wrote were brilliant, and most of the ones Tobias has written are nowhere near as good?
Because Morrissey wrote great singing melodies on the Marr songs, and just didn't bother on the Tobias songs?
Of course not. The singing melody is simply the icing on the cake. If the raw materials are great (i.e. a Marr composition) so is the finished song - if they're a bit rubbish, then so is the finished song.
Either way, it doesn't make much sense to isolate the Morrissey/Marr songs (e.g. and have a setlist without Smiths songs) when he's written words to songs with around 10 other songwriters.
The only genuine difference is in the presentation - the Marr songs were presented as a group, the post-Marr songs were presented as 'Morrissey', even though they had just as much reliance on other songwriters and musicians.
Morrissey has contributed no more (or less) to the post-Marr songs than he did to the Smiths songs. Arguably, his musical contribution to the Smiths songs was greater than that to the solo songs as he at least played an instrument (piano) on one.


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I still hope he will perform some Kill Uncle songs some day - Mute Witness for instance could be a killer as opening - but I also fear how they would sound with the current band.
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