Tour Injuries

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Because it's unusual to leave unscathed.
So far I have a dirty great brown bruise on my right arm, one stiff leg, and a dull ache in my upper right arm.

I'm sure you can do better than that.

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:lbf: I have been moaning about mine today... Upper arms purple & black after a thorough mauling by the gorillas in the pit dragging me away and cramp in both calves all day from I'm not sure - standing on tiptoes, jumping up and down and freezing to death in Glasgow!
Oh and me neck's still killing me from the 2 or 3 guys using me as a springboard to the stage in Stirling. Its all good fun!

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Not too many bruises, but I did really hurt my neck, and my calf muscles. On the way home, I got a murderous cramp in my leg and my friend had to do that stretch thing, like footballers do. :p And I have the flu, from sitting on cold, wet steps outside after the show was over. All in all, I reckon I escaped lightly.

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I got on stage briefly in '04 before being taking down by two guys who could have easily been football players. I was pretty tanked on the night so I didn't feel much, but the next day I had black and blues all over my back and arms.


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are we counting heartache?

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That cramp I mentioned yesterday - now I cant actually stand up straight, never mind walk. It must have been when I was trying to kick the bouncer away who had my ankles in a vice like grip. Thank god its seats tonight!
why did he have your ankles in a vice like grip?

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It was when I got over the barrier, the first bouncer hit me so I bit him and there was a bit of a struggle so another one got hold of my legs. I know, my own fault :straightface:

same happened to me at west ham on saturday, not with security, the barrier.

that mate of yours who you gave a lift to tried to shove me onto the pitch:lbf:
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i left the dallas show with a bruised thigh and i nearly suffocated holding on to his shirt. *shrug*

i did see a girl with a really bloody nose there though!


The roughest days were in the early 90s in Southern California (England is pashernate but relatively civil). It can still get mad in the noughties, especially when his shirt lands in your area, but I don't expect bruises the size of dinner plates anymore.

After a particularly bruising concert, mebbe San Diego '97 or Phoenix '99, I came out of the shower and my horrified roommate said that I looked like a severely battered wife what with all the contusions all over my arms, chest, abdomen, thighs, and knees. And by then I was already too old, fat, and lazy to even bother trying to get on stage! That was just from holding my position at the barrier.

I think I'd rather face a beating from security over a beating from other fans trying to stand in your place. The only reason we didn't try to get a beating from security for going onstage is that we were too packed in like tinned sardines to be able to make the attempt to get onstage.

Thankfully, i've never suffered any physical injuries getting on stage to touch Morrissey. The most restraint I've ever had was Eddie lightly holding me by the waist and saying, "Go gently." or some such. I was told I got the VIP soft touch, and I know it since I also know Ed's usual m.o. with stage invaders -- headlock, some punching, and a rough throw offstage! :eek: But I feel that if you look crazed, foaming at the mouth, and you're about to bodyslam or otherwise threaten to injure Moz, you kinda deserve to get your ass handed back to you.

My latest injury did not occur at the last Moz show I attended but before. I was advised by a daft bitch to walk from Eyre Square to the venue in Salthill. 1.5 miles, no problem. But she failed to mention the gales of Galway that busted my umbrella and the downpour of rain that soaked my denims. Walking there, I slipped and fell on my right knee, letting out a torrent of blue to rival the rain. My right knee ached wickedly for two weeks. That hurt worse than any blow or elbow jab I've ever suffered at a Moz concert. Luckily it healed almost back to normal now with just rest and ibuprofen.

That was the show I gave Moz a small bottle of hand sanitizer, which he failed to use AGAIN. And now apparently he's fallen ill AGAIN. He'll never learn. Neither will I. Why do I bother? 'cos in the end, I'll always say it was worth it.
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