Totally Wired Radio / Simon Hearn: Alain Whyte guesting (August 9, 2022)



The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
The most intricate inquiries will be explained!
The most dramatic dynamics will be divulged!
The most amazin' undertakin's will be announced!
It's Alain Whyte like ya never heard'em before!

Famous when dead


Now available to catch up ~2hrs with music tracks.

Note: there's much more music than interview.

TQID - Smiths
The Death of R&R - Alain Whyte.
High Plains Drifter - Crazy Pink Revolvers.
Pranking roommate from above band.
Working with Dave Vanian & "Gothabilly".
Screamin' Kid - Dave Vanian / Phantom Chords
About returning to the band after a long time.
Fan base / mature crowd compared to 91/92 / aging / generation Y.
Elvis movie / Elvis in general.
Our Man Flint - theme.
Cat Called Domino - Roy Orbison.
Little Sister - Elvis.
Jungle Rock - Hank Mizell.
Bird Dog - Don Woody.
I Can't Hardly Stand It - Charlie Feathers.
Big Bat A Go-Go - Batmobile.
20th Century Boy - Big Six.
Brand New Cadillac - The Clash.
The Edges... - Morrissey.
National Front Disco (acoustic) - Alain Whyte.
Talks about playing it over the record / bonus tracks.
Re: Edges = favourite song written for Morrissey.
Punk 'newsround'.
Orgasmatron - Motörhead
She Can't Whip Me - The Gonads.
Bend & Thrush - Pork Dukes.
Our Frank - Morrissey.
Like a Bad Girl Should - The Cramps.
Let Me Kiss You - Nancy Sinatra.
Honoured to have Nancy cover his song.
Morricone score.
Our Frank - the song that turned Alain on to Morrissey's songs. His favourite song he never wrote.
Songwriting process:
Alain creates whole tune - all parts.
Complete piece of music/song given to Morrissey to do melodies / vocals to.
Morrissey has asked for a song that sounds like X... (re: Glamorous Glue).
Your Arsenal 30th.
Spencer/Gary/Alain knew each other - Nevin leaves and Alain suggests Boz.
Not fond of Lifeguard...
YA would be perfect without it included.
Praising Ronson / ebow on Seasick.
The Girl Can't Help It - Mick Ronson.
6 albums with Morrissey - YA still favourite.
Being in prime, neo-rockabilly, contrary to Britpop. Image at time was at odds.
He'd like to have seen The Jam.
But I'm Different Now - The Jam.
Still a Londoner? Feels like an English man living in California. Sees changes and feels disconnected. Does it affect his writing?
The Gazmen - how it came about / early Meteors Influence.
Ace Of Hearts - The Gazmen.
Discussing singles.
Dagenham Dave - Gripper was a rockabilly.
Dagenham Dave - Morrissey.
Red Lightning solo venture, new venture/getting band back together. Didn't ask Boz as he was still in the current Morrissey band.
Tell Me - Alain Whyte.
Strange being in band now whilst putting out solo stuff. Morrissey is best lyricist he's worked with. No idea when Bonfire is released. Writing loads of songs for Bonfire's follow up.


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New Alain Interview (Audio)

Tuesday special guest is Alain Whyte talking all things about His new solo career, working with Morrissey, and back with Morrissey, rockabilly & that feller called Elvis Presley.
England’s Dreaming
Tuesday 12-2pm


Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.

Les Tameside

Wouldn’t mind it either.
Frankly, I’d have to agree. Bonfire sounds like a creative retreat from the rather brilliant Dog LP. And whilst the title track might have a ‘so ludicrous it’s interesting’ appeal, it’s thus far sounding simply ludicrous (personally, I think it’s two songs that’ve been bolted together: it opens promisingly enough before it’s strange turn).


Game Of Death.
good interview if a bit long,2 hours when it could be condensed down to an hour.


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Listened to the full interview. I enjoyed the solid (lesser know) punk stuff played, so the length didn’t bother me too much.
I wonder if the next album (after Bonfire) will feature just compositions from Alain? It sounds a bit like that when you hear Alain speak, but I guess only Morrissey knows and he may not communicate much.


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I wouldn’t be surprised to see the new, new LP released before Bonfire.
If I were in the shoes of a record company, I would privilege the project with Alain because that might draw some of the onder fans back in, thuis have a better chance of some commercial success. Of course, that is assuming Alain’s tunes will be solid and that the title of that new album is less divisive than Bonfire of teenagers.

Seymour Glass

Well so far this podcast has reminded me of two things.... how absolutely terrible Little Sister is and how brilliant Jungle Rock is.

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
Well so far this podcast has reminded me of two things.... how absolutely terrible Little Sister is and how brilliant Jungle Rock is.
No song with a twangy riff like that and a vocal performances oozing that much sex appeal and cool can ever be deemed ‘terrible’. The fact that it came from the same single as His Latest Flame makes it even more appealing.


Game Of Death.
How about adding The edges are no longer parallel to the setlist for thé upcoming UK tour? Has the song ever been played live?
would be in my top 5 everyday of the week.might be hard to do live though judging by the version above,saying that,his voice is a lot stronger now.
alain whyte
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