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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a quick little warning...last night I went out for one of my daily walks- I don't normally go out at night, but it was a must with the crazy holidays here. Anyway, I live near a lake, and it is a good distance to walk around, so off I went. But I couldn't find my walkman! (Crossing my fingers someone is kind enough to get me an MP3 or a gift cert. for Christmas!)...I approached the signal that I have to go through to get to the lake, and I noticed as it turned red for a car waiting, another car coming up on the light barely stopped in time for the red light. I am very sensitive to red lights, as a girl ran one about 5 years ago and smashed into my almost brand new car...I was 8 months prego at the time, went into labor, and she lied saying her light was green- another long story, but to get the point across, people who run red lights are SHMUCKS! SO! I get to the light, and it had turned back for the opposite traffic, so I hit the little button to let it know I was there and waited. It turned red, and I waited for the little hand to appear and stepped off the curb looking to see if anyone was coming. Nope, so I started walking. Now, this signal happens to pop up out from after you curve around the street a bit; that curve also happens to have no street lights, so it is bit dark except for when a car comes along with headlights on. Well, I was in the first of 3 lanes I had to cross for the first half of oncoming traffic and I heard a sound of a car approaching, so I looked, and it was a truck flying along at about 55 (in a 45, but who am I to judge? How often have I done at least 10 miles over the speed limit?) and his LIGHTS WERE OFF! I stopped, and I swear I felt something push me backward into the lane I needed to be in to not get hit, at the same time I had some sense to step backward, and he sped on through the red light, and GET this! He HONKS AT ME!!! What an asshole! I stood there for a second, made sure no one else was going to pull such a stupid stunt, and continued walking. The man waiting to turn that saw the whole thing rolled down his window and asked if I was ok- thank you, yes I was, just freaked out. That guy must've been on something! But as I walked it hit me slowly that if I had been a few steps further, I would've been toast; if I had found my walkman and been listening to music, I would've been toast- the only thing that made me look up and over to see him coming was the sound of a car- I wouldn't have heard him had I been listening to something. I walked and thanked the God I believe in, thanked my dear Mom who passed away 2 1/2 years ago, although saying at the same time I would have been with her had it happened, and that was sort of disappointing, but I know I need to be here for my kiddos. But then I got mad. Since he was going so fast, and it was dark, and he had no lights on (This all happened at 7 p.m., no moon out, only stars) I couldn't get his license plate. And I would have if I could have, believe me, he would have gotten something. Then I wished I had thrown my water bottle at his speeding car, which would have broken his windshield no doubt, but I would have been happy he didn't get the chance to almost hit someone else.

    Ok, so this is my moral:

    BE CAREFUL when you walk with your walkman and are crossing the street; maybe it sounds trite, but I think this is a good example of what could happen, you know?

    I was wearing almost all black, save the teeshirt and white walking shoes I had on- never again. I don't usually walk at night, and I guess now I have my lessons learned. HOLY COW! This really freaks me out!

    And if you are the asshole that ran that red light reading this, I'm not the only lucky one, you know. I would have been dead had you hit me; you would be facing many different charges, of which you would get probably 3 1/2 years in jail, probation and some community service. HA! Yeah, how sick is that?

    And if you are some jerk who has ran a red light at the last minute, and I see you all doing it all the time, it is soooo rude and unsafe- the girl that hit me 5 years ago hit me right as I entered the intersection getting off the freeway; she fortunately plowed into the left front portion of my car: my engine took the impact. If I had been one second earlier, her speed combined with my driver door would have been deadly for me and my baby.

    It is SOOO easy to just pay attention when you drive, people! I have never had too much to drink and driven, so I don't know how that goes, and I never will, but I'm sure that may have been part of that guys problem last night. But yesterday I saw a woman fly through a light that had turned red for her and so green for us, and obviously she had somewhere better to go, but she's lucky I or any of the other drivers weren't right there when the light turned for us, and we had been in her lane.

    OK, I'm sure everyone can see after all this length where I am, where I have been, and where I am going.

    I thank God for His grace in keeping me away from the front bumper of that truck last night, and I hope everyone else takes my warning to heart. Happy Holidays everyone. I haven't said that here yet.

    Take care all! Have a good day. My dear this is long!

    Ta ta!
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    Christmas is a time of sharing, for some

    Please tell us what you really think.
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    What is UP with you GA?...Why can't you just leave it alone?

    > Please tell us what you really think.

    All I was saying was be careful- what is your problem with that? You are a sick chick; what is so harmful about me telling people about what happened, and how is that out of the holiday spirit? I don't understand you- and I sincerely hope no one ever offers you help and then tells you honestly that they don't want to correspond with you on the level you want them to. It will make you haunt them for the rest of their lives- or as long as they post on the message boards!

    Move on, seems to come to mind, Girl Lost?...

    (Sorry to get testy again, to those of you who have no idea what this is really isn't relevant, but Girl Afraid keeps up this game she has with me. And I suppose I really should just let her go.)

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