Toronto, ON - Sony Centre For The Performing Arts (Apr. 27, 2019) post-show

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By davidt on Apr 28, 2019 at 1:00 AM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    Is It Really So Strange? / Alma Matters / I Wish You Lonely / Hairdresser On Fire / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Back On The Chain Gang / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Morning Starship / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Trouble Loves Me / The Bullfighter Dies / Scandinavia / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Jack The Ripper / Break Up The Family / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Dial-a-Cliché / Speedway // Suedehead

    Setlist courtesy of

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Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Apr 28, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      I suspected there would be no Spanish outro. The truculent, unreliable so and so. If he thinks he’s getting my money now, well he can jolly well think again.
    2. countthree
      This is wonderful. Boz is playing the Theremin at the begining of the video.
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    3. distortedeyes
      Haven't posted for about 12 years or so. Just wanted to applaud that setlist. In fine voice too from the clips I've seen, and sings "Seasick" with a lot of passion. Hope we get to see something like that in Europe sometime soon, and that N.Y. get some eclectic setlists over that 7 night run.
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    4. Anonymous
      Half a person and all will be forgiven for the time you canceled on me.
    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Nowhere to really put the following - so will tack on here.
      Tour bus antics as they leave Toronto and head onwards:

      (Via Mando's IG story)
      farkomalarco~1556478845~2032216157095843315_418366473.jpg farkomalarco~1556478931~2032216151634757174_418366473.jpg

      (Via Matt's IG story)

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    6. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer
      Trouble Loves Me - complete - with a "gentle" stage invasion

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    7. johnsonb
      Repulsed ad infinitum.
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    8. BookishBoy
      What a great post - thanks for sharing this!!
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    9. vanetta
      I would love to hear Ammunition and Nobody Loves Us
    10. David Shirreffs
      David Shirreffs
      I don’t mean to alarm...

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    11. Anonymous
      I can tell you at least on the Facebook event pages and Sony Center pages they were telling everyone he goes on around 8:30 pm. Not sure where you're saying they were messaging about 9:30 pm?
    12. Anonymous
      I was there, Moz definitely says "Yikes" when it happenes
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    13. rivum
      unfortunately this probably arose from the information I got from the venue and posted on here. They send me an update after that saying it was wrong, but I think the information on here was never updated...

      **EDIT** scratch that, I did update the original post. But that is probably where it came from.
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    14. DubbalinGirl
      It was actually here in another thread mid-week last week. Someone said they emailed the Sony Centre and that was the reply.
    15. Vaux
      Morning Starship front row angle.
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    16. Vaux
      Everyday Is Like Sunday. Shot from front row. Great shot of the young lady getting her hug.
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    17. countthree
      This sounds great!
    18. Vaux
      Morrissey Preforming Jack The Ripper. Enjoy the Smoke machine
    19. Vaux
      A short clip of Alma Matters
    20. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      There's only one full song source for Starship currently. The sound is ok when ripped, but has the obligatory hooting and hollering at a level some might not want to hear in their rarities collection.
      If a decent sounding version appears - please '@' me on here - thanks in advance.

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