Toronto - April shows (vegan options)

Jott Scones

For those of you coming from out of town for the Morrissey shows at the end of April, here is a list of vegan restaurant options.

Vegetarian Haven (entirely vegan)

Planta & Planta Burger (vegan fine dining & burger spots)

Virtuous Pie (vegan pizza / beer)

Apiecalypse Now (vegan pizza / salads / sides)

Hogtown Vegan (vegan southern comfort food) - 2 locations

Vegandale Brewery (Doomies Vegan food)

Cali Love (caution: meat dishes on the menu, however many vegan options & very close to the venue)


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I live absolutely nowhere near Toronto, but this list is making me hungry! I would love a nice vegan burger, or a vegan pizza right about now! Have fun for anyone going to those concerts! I hope Morrissey drops a taster track off California Son soon! I anticipate the Morning Starship cover!
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