Top Ten Smiths and Morrissey songs (in different categories)


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Looking at these lists has just had me shaking my head in wonder.
Has there ever been anybody in the history of the music business who has produced such a massive volume of absolute quality in their career?!!
Some artists rise above the mediocre and produce something memorable and special four or five times in their career, if they are lucky.
The word 'genius' is often used undeservedly. But in the case of one S. P. Morrissey it is most certainly a wholly appropriate description.

I just could not choose twenty tracks! Mission Impossible for me.

Yeah, sorry, i know, i'm preaching to the converted here. :)
1-Well I Wonder
2-Headmaster Ritual
3-Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
4-The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
5-Cemetry Gates
6-The Boy With the Thorn In His Side
7-Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
8-Still Ill
9-William, It Was Really Nothing
10-That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

1-November Spawned A Monster
2-Now My Heart Is Full
3-Trouble Loves Me
4-The Ordinary Boys
5-Our Frank
6-Dear God, Please Help Me
7-Come Back to Camden
8-Break Up The Family
9-The Last of the Famous International Playboys

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OK, here goes, but different days, different top 10's.


1) The Headmaster Ritual
2) There's a Light That Never Goes Out
3) William, It Was Really Nothing
4) Suffer Little Children
5) Half A Person
6) Cemetry Gates
7) Sweet and Tender Hooligan
8) Paint a Vulgar Picture
9) The Queen Is Dead
10) I Want the One I Can't Have


1) Everyday Is Like Sunday
2) Speedway
3) Now My Heart Is Full
4) Nobody Loves Us
5) Late Night Maudlin Street
6) I Can Have Both
7) Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself
8) November Spawned a Monster
9) I Have Forgiven Jesus
10) A Swallow On My Neck
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