Top Of The Pops: Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster (May 3, 1990 MP4)

Famous when dead



Simon Mayo presents the pop chart programme,
first broadcast on May 3, 1990 and featuring Sinitta, Morrissey and BBG.

Hitchin' A Ride

Soul II Soul
A Dream's A Dream

Morrissey (starts at 6:44 in)
November Spawned A Monster

Adventures of Stevie V
Dirty Cash

En Vogue
Hold On

Billy Idol
Cradle of Love

Michael Bolton
How Can We Be Lovers

BBG & Dina Taylor

Bruce Dickinson
Tattooed Millionaire



Give A Little Love Back To The World

For those who can't access the site,
I ripped this from iPlayer directly a few minutes back.
I haven't the time to crop out the Morrissey part, so here's the entire episode:

(MP4 / 365 MB)

I watched the entire show at 8.30pm, Morrissey looks timeless when everyone else looks crazily dated, classic Moz tv appearance.
Thank you so much! Glad to have the complete episode, as I'm also interested on some of the other appearances.
Great video, thanks for posting

Morrissey looks like a young Elvis in some of the early parts of this.
Great video, thanks for posting

Morrissey looks like a young Elvis in some of the early parts of this.
Totally agree with Elvis comparison what with megaquiff and dark eye shadow. The rest of the show was bereft of quality (perhaps Madonna aside) but I do like to watch the whole episode to see Morrissey's appearance in context.
Does anyone know where to get a copy of the Men's liberation book Morrissey was keen on? I've been thwarted in my attempts to get my mitts on it.
Just saw the above.
Have a system on PC for books from there so:
Men's Liberation...
No time limit, DRM-free.
PDF 61MB scans of pages.
(The Epub version is some type of computer scan to text algorithm and isn't reliable).
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Does anyone remember him saying anything in Autobiography or elsewhere about this appearance?
Yes, he wasn't pleased about the song being cut - and rightly so.
Knowing this, you can see he's a bit annoyed when he turns around at the end of it

"The dissonant heart appears on Top of the Pops, where no sooner does November spawned a monster begin than I am drowned away by fake applause and I kindly leave the stage.
The coterie wonder why I bother to wiggle onto the program at all, and the press point to a didactic dirge."
í have always wondered what he would have 'done' during the Mary-Margaret birthing bv...

One for the nighttime reveries

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