Top 10 Favorite Bands or Singers


These bands are "safe".

Safe Music:

* Sufjan Stevens (at request of publisher)
* The Right Brothers (bush was right!) ?
* Dresden Dolls
* UnderOath
* Blondie**
* Cyndi Lauper
* Falling Up
* Flyleaf
* Disciple
* P.O.D
* Evanescence
* By The Tree
* Scott Reed
* Michael W. Smith
* Jars of Clay
* DC Talk
* Danielson
* Cheap Trick

Ummm - How is Sinatra's interpretation of music gay? I am going to email the link and ask for clarification.


Cheeky Scamp
The Smiths
David Bowie
Bright Eyes
The Verve
The Stone Roses
Graham Coxon


Born Against
1. Morrissey/The Smiths
2. Dead Kennedys
3. Smashing Pumpkins
4. Descendents
5. Black Flag
6. Tom Waits
7. Tub Ring
8. Propagandhi
9. Streetlight Manifesto
10. The Jesus and Mary Chain

I know that this is probably not the most typical list. I guess my other musical tastes don't really fit in with Morrissey. I do listen to indie. But when asked about my music I tend to say "I listen to punk rock and Morrissey." Oh well. :rolleyes:


Not Stirred
Sex Pistols and Moz/Smiths are tied for first two (I just KNOW I'm gonna catch hell for this.)
The Clash
The Germs
Green Day
Cock Sparrer
Social Distortion
Gin Blossoms
The Offspring


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The only reason you'd catch hell from me is because I feel the Clash were exponentially better than the Sex Pistols


Not Stirred
The only reason you'd catch hell from me is because I feel the Clash were exponentially better than the Sex Pistols
I was just expecting some UBER-fan to tell me I'm the most vile person on earth because I think anyone else could be equal to Moz. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan, but for some it goes a bit too far. Anyhow...

In terms of musical ability and technical proficiency, I wouldn't dream of arguing. However, I don't think thats' the best criteria by which to judge music, not that I'm implying you are, just saying. And, while it's also incidental, we never would've had a Clash without a Pistols, but thats' beside the point. I love the passion, the style, it's so cohesive, they're look, they're sound, they're attitude. They aren't just punk, they ARE punk. To me it represents the heart of rock 'n roll. Three chords and an attitude. The snarling vocals, the lyrics. Everybody's got they're own tastes, but Morrissey is the only other artist who's ever affected me so personally. When I first saw Pistols live footage I knew punk for me was more than a phase it was for life. Sorta spiritual...
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