Top 10 best songs of 2006

Maurice E

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Anyone else not really an albums person? I can't remember when I last heard a consistently brilliant album; even many of my favourites are pretty patchy things. But frankly who cares! 2006 has been one of the best ever years for new songs (the type that I like at least) so I would like to invite you all to list your 10 favourite songs of the year. Here are mine!

1. If teardrops were silver: The Beautiful South
2. (Heard a song) On the Radio: The Concretes
3. I'll never be anybody's hero now: Morrissey
4. Sun is in the sky (oh why oh why): L Allen
5. Used to be a lovely boy: Keane
6. Hold me in your arms: Muse
7. Hey Lloyd; I'm ready to be heartbroken: Camera Obscura
8. Judy: The Pipettes
9. Christian Dior: Morrissey
10. I don't wanna be adored: Keane

In all honesty, I rushed some of these as I need to get to Sainsbury's by 8.
Will doubtlessly come back to edit!



Don't ask
10. Camera Obscura- Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
9. Tom Waits - You Can Never Hold Back Spring
8. Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide
7. Morrissey - I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
6. Johnny Cash - If You Could Read My Mind
5. The Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
4. Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks
3. The Hold Steady - You Can Make Him Like You
2. The Divine Comedy - A Lady Of A Certain Age
1. Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill


The number one song of the year is "I'm With Stupid" by Pet Shop Boys.


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1. Nere På Parkeringen - Mattias Alkberg BD
2. Om Jag Ska Dö - Navid Modiri & Gudarna
3. Tetragrammaton - The Mars Volta
4. Battle Hymn - The Bear Quartet
5. I Samma Bil - Bo Kaspers Orkester
6. Grannar Och Tallar - Mattias Alkberg BD
7. -
8. -
9. Reparing Of The Red Sea - The Bear Quartet
10. I Will See You In Far Off Places - Morrissey

Johan de Witt

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1. Life Is A Pigsty - Morrissey
2. Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura
3. Rock God - Roddy Frame
4. How Wrong Can You Be? - Lloyd Cole
5. Leeds United - Luke Haines
6. A Lady of a Certain Age - Divine Comedy
7. I Will Kill Again - Jarvis
8. Intervention - Arcade Fire
9. Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
10. Dress Up In You - Belle & Sebastian

handsome devil

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Can think of seven:

Morrissey - Life Is A Pigsty
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks
Josh Rouse - It Looks Like Love
Zero7 & Jose Gonzalez - Crosses
Joan As Policewoman - Save Me
Catfish Haven - Let It Go (Got To Grow)
The Strokes - Juicebox
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Just purchased the Luke Haines LP due to some reviews on here and beyond and Bad Reputation is an instant classic:

Someone call a doctor
NAtional mood is on the blink
The great British public
Are having a think
And they say

"Goodbye my love"
Its a hell of a record
They did it by themselves
The Leader was not present
Gary Glitter
Hes a bad bad man
Ruining the reputation
Of the Glitter Band.



Raincoated lover
Here's my list:

1) The Decemberists - The Crane Wife Pt 3
2) Morrissey - Life Is A Pigsty
3) Regina Spektor - Fidelity
4) Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into
5) Lily Allen - LDN
6) Long Blondes - Once & Never Again
7) Jarvis - Running The World
8) Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow
9) Sunshine Underground - Put You In Your Place
10) Metric - Monster Hospital

The Seeker of Good Songs

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Three of my favorites of this year are from Johnny Cash's A Hundred Highways album:

Four Strong Winds
Further On Up the Road
The Evening Train


Depeche Mode's Martyr
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Oh my god. it's Robby!

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The number one song of the year is "I'm With Stupid" by Pet Shop Boys.
also me likee
Apres Moi by Regina Spektor, almost as much
cuz im in love with Regina S.
Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
Meds by Placebo
Turn Into by Yeah Yeah Yeah's
In This Together by Apoptygma Berzerk
Lover I Don't Have to Love by Bright Eyes
Domino Dancing by West End Girls
Dick In A Box(feat.Justin Timberlake) by SNL cast
Life is a pigsty by some dude...

ps:10 is too many
im tired now


Better than Marr
1: On the Streets I Ran
2: In the Future When All's Well
3: Life is a Pigsty
4: Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
5: Dead! - My Chemical Romance
6: Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
7: I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
8: Good Looking Man About Town
9: Cancer - My Chemical Romance
10: Mama - My Chemical Romance

As you can see Ringleader of the Tormentors (which at first I disliked, shockingly) and The Black Parade have dominated my preferences for 2006.

Poco Innocente

A ring a ding ding
Beg, Steal or Borrow - Pete Doherty (his rendition on Ross was beautiful, offers a glimpse to the genius that it Pete - despite everything else)

Dear God Please Help Me - Morrissey (classic Moz, shame the rest of the album wasn't at the same standard)

Last of the Small Town Playboys - Dirty Pretty Things (great intro, banging beats :p )

Razorblade - The Strokes

Born in the U.K. - Badly Drawn Boy (great live)

War of the Sexes - The Streets (gritty, different)

Hunting for Witches - Bloc Party (Technically 2007...phattt riff)

The Greatest - Cat Power (she is sublime as is this track)

Power Out - Arcade Fire (refreshing and very enjoyable)

I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys (cracking tune. If ever there were an example of how too much hype can be a bad thing for a band...the music snobs can naff off. They are young and talented)

and because I could never count...

Mother Dear - Divine Comedy (brought a tear to me eye)


Yes, I am spleen
Apres Moi by Regina Spektor, almost as much
cuz im in love with Regina S.
It's a marvellous song, one of the best songs from a contender for album of the year. i love the mixture of her Russian and American roots in it.

Lord Goring

How about a Top 12?

1. I Will See You In Far Off Places
2. Dear God, Please Help Me
3. You Have Killed Me
4. The Youngest Was The Most Loved
5. In The Future When All's Well
6. The Father Who Must Be Killed
7. Life Is A Pigsty
8. I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
9. On The Streets I Ran
10. To Me You Are A Work Of Art
11. I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
12. At Last I Am Born

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