Morrissey Central "Tony Garnett" (January 13, 2020)

12 January 2020


The image used on Central appears to be from an episode of The Edgar Wallace Mysteries ('Incident At Midnight' - 1963).

He died aged 83 and was known for acting then TV and film production. Particularly noted for his work with Ken Loach (he helped with the Kes screenplay & production - a personal favourite).

The Chameleon

It doesn't matter why they don't care, I was saying if the signed albums bothered them, they'd say, which they didn't.
I misunderstood but there isn't much they could say about Morrissey selling his autograph or reselling Bowie's records and I'm sure they have more important things to think about.

The Chameleon

Most people do care about Moz, so much so that even if they are not a member of Bowies family they let themselves get upset over these Moz autographs.

Sleepless nights for those that really care about and criticize what Moz says or does.

It’s ..... :lbf: :rofl:

It’s ...... :crazy::crazy::crazy:

I don't think people are upset. Just disappointed.

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