"To Morrissey, With Love" art items listed for sale

The items used in the "To Morrissey, With Love" event highlighted via Central last year are now listed as for sale here:

"The exhibition features a big group of prominent designers, photographers, and models who created artworks inspired by Morrissey's rich legacy. The exhibition was produced in 2019 as a support to Morrissey by his muslim fans."


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Reverse Ferret
Oh dear, more controversy to appear on here with these silly pictures...

It's strange, but sweet.

And doesn't help gruesome elements in any way, even though he's also not in the clear yet.

I'm hopeful - though. My instinct is telling me we're dealing with stubborn loyalty & willful denial rather than the worst case scenario.


This was a special exhibition of expression.
The haters got mad cause Muslims were complimentin' Moz.
The racists got mad cause Muslims were compllimentin' Moz.
Hahaa! All the cornballs got mad.

Sami Pinarbasi

Muslims like Morrissey?

Well I suppose we have users like rifke who has posted in support of Muslim terrorist bombings (seriously check out his post history, the Manchester arena bombing was "justified")..

Whatever, I'm a bit surprised but it's no skin off my cock.

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