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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 25, 2019.

By Anonymous on May 25, 2019 at 4:57 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 25, 2019.

    1. billybu69
      Where does that come from?
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    2. Anonymous
      Look at her, it's so pathetic
      Shes like Julie Hamill or whatever her name was. Ask not what I can do for morrissey, ask what morrissry can do for me.
      It's so sad. Sad because morrissey used to have respected known people vouch for him. Now he has this no mark handed over from Russell Brand (who like the rest is keeping out of it)

      She is desperate to be seen as the defender of Moz because she has nothing else. What self respecting person would make a point of blogging about every Moz related 'scandel'
      It's quite obvious she doesn't even believe what she says, which is why her arguments are weak and why shes a laughing stock.
      Sam and the two Julies are just people on the gravey train.
      It's a waste of time them saying anything as noone respects them and they are just preaching to the gallery anyway, as no outside of the Moz hardcore know and them.

      What Moz needs is his more influential friends getting involved or bloggers with an interesting perspective.
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    3. gordyboy9
      its actually bhoy,treble treble n all that.the only rager iv got is in ma troosers.
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    4. gordyboy9
      swordsman of the year award goes to acton,its usually russel brand that gets that award.
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    5. Anonymous
    6. Anonymous
      At the risk of making light of a culturally serious matter I can’t resist observing that Morrissey can now say that he has literally been “de-platformed”. Thank you Mersey Rail.
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    7. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      I googled ...

      ‘Political party For Britain want to eradicate 2.5 million Muslims, from the U.K.’

      I could be wrong, but I didn’t find anything. Only searched once though.

      Guess ordinaryboy86 will supply a link soon.
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    8. countthree
      Oh! Now I understand everything:thumb:
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    9. Morrissey's left nut
      Morrissey's left nut
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    10. Anonymous
      This reeks.

      Morrissey just posted a piece about freedom.of speech. Was he stating that only he has a right to it? It certainly seems so at times.

      I don't tend to read Morrissey articles by Doddy simply because her nose is firmly rested up Morrissey's arse.

      If she, Pablo Honey and Katsis are Morrissey's big guns in this latest racist shit-show it highlights just how little influence he now has and how a good deal of people seem to have distanced themselves from him.

      I agree that he has a right to express a view but equally I have the right to dislike and challenge that view. Isnt' that freedom of speech.

      Let's not forget Morrissey has formally endorsed For Britain - a party I believe to be inherently racist. This is my view. I'm not going to justify that view to you. Why? Because Morrissey seems to be able to get away with saying it isn't racist.

      His endorsement led to a good deal of abysmal shoutdowns from racists loyal to Morrissey. It led to an obscene amount of finger pointing and blaming of immigrants, Muslims and young black men. It also led one poster to portray Jack Renshaw as a poor misunderstood soul.

      Waters. Farage. Yaxley-Lennon. Renshaw.

      Morrissey has provided support to the 1st three. Does anyone know if he has supported Renshaw? I suspect he may have but can't accurately recall so we'll leave that as a maybe.

      Whatever his intention in supporting For Britain the alt-right are now very much emboldened by his endorsement and he has an indirect responsibility for the their provocations and incitements.

      As for Doddy I hope she has a lot of wet wipes handy.
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    11. Anonymous
      She’s probably on the payroll. Where the fuck was she before? Never heard of her in all my years
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    12. Anonymous
      She starts this piece of piss with a line about freedom of speech and immediately goes on to deny the record shop and rail company that very freedom. I can't stand this kind of 2-faced bollocks.

      It's a lassic alt-right strategy e.g.
      I have claimed democracy therefore I own democracy. I have claimed freedom of speech and therefore no-one else has this freedom.

      Think Farage and the amount if times he says democracy. He needs to own it.

      A meander through what most of us already know but no actual detail as to why Morrissey made his decision to endorse this party. It's fluff and will blow away in the wind.
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    13. The Truth
      The Truth
      Come on. No one is being prevented from buying the record. It's an economic matter. Some people will stop shopping there and others may choose to shop there based on this stance, although I can't see either of those things happening in a way that will really affect the store's sales.
      Getting upset about this is the wrong reaction because it's just symbolic and the store is getting so much publicity for it. It probably helps them and Morrissey. Morrissey has been on a spree the past couple of years seemingly attempting to alienate as many people as possible so this one record store and the publicity surrounding it can't hurt him.
      But some people might see him as "under attack" and buy a copy of the record to support him. It's all ridiculous.
      Morrissey has been trolling the public since the very beginning of The Smiths. He has increasingly become more famous as a public figure than as a singer. People know his statements who barely know one of his songs. I think he likes it that way actually. He's always crying about chart positions but every time he's got a new record, for the past few years anyway, he makes some statements in an interview and that's what people talk about.
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    14. ForgivemeJESUS
      Tomorrow...his statues will be brought down to the ground......jeez wiz
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    15. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333
      Skinny is watching:straightface:

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    16. Uncleskinny
      What's really offensive about this 'article' is that she is a truly terrible writer - she cannot write coherently.

      But ultimately, they're a private company and their decisions are theirs alone. If it was a government agency, for example, there may be some kind of point. But they are not. Straight out the right-wing playbook, make the slightest slight into a massive offence.
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    17. Eldritch
      Once Morrissey had the finest music journalists of his generation singing his praises. Now it's Fiona Dodwell and styxhexenhammer666. Says it all really.
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    18. Anonymous
      The only shitty thing about these clowns “banning” a Morrissey release is the disingenuous reason they're providing for it.

      They’re not stocking it because it’s fucking garbage and it won’t sell beyond week two. Pat Boone has the cover market locked up and Weezer’s cover album features musicians and a singer that can hold a tune.

      Steve’s a little pitchy for covering the classics. ;)
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    19. Nikita
      Sure, but let’s try this: the oldest record store refuses to sell whoever new album because the artists supports same sex marriage (or worse, immigration).

      What one would think?
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    20. Uncleskinny
      Still the same. They have every right to, and everyone else has the right to refuse their custom. People vote with their money, as Morrissey is finding out.

      Witness the Ashers Bakery case.
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