Tirade against the NME on Morrissey Official FB by Peter Katsis

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By Uncleskinny on Aug 7, 2018 at 6:53 AM
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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    Appears to come from Peter Katsis. Appallingly written mess of a statement.

    Link here:

    Text here:

    "The N.M.E. used to represent the underground.

    Now they are becoming known as The Guardian of rock music.

    They had to stop printing copies.

    Not because no one buys magazines.

    Print publications like Q Magazine and Kerrang! still exist, because they remember who they are.

    But not N.M.E.

    They forgot who they were.

    And because they just aren’t cool anymore.

    N.M.E. are also just full of shit.

    And can’t even afford good writers to work for them.

    They like to remind readers of all the past allegations of the year, despite their lack of any basis in fact, despite that they are just re-hashing stories over and over, old news, fake news, etc.

    But they leave out their own old issues, of lawsuits lost, and legal battles that forced them to apologize to M in the past.

    And they lie more than Donald Trump.

    -N.M.E. asked no one from M’s camp for comment to their recent story.

    -Haslam was never a Moz fan. He was a publicity hound who had a new book coming that no one cared about.

    -We didn’t cancel our summer shows because of Haslam’s weak event, the protest that drew no people.

    -Moz in not a racist.

    None of M’s latino fans care about UK politics, but hell…..why not call them up and try and find a story where one doesn’t exist?

    Not like they have anything real to write about……like music.

    Because they don’t even know what music is anymore.

    Basically all this points to the fact that writer(?) Bob Chiarito and his editors at N.M.E. have been relegated to meaninglessness.

    Not really even worth writing about for this Facebook post.

    We stand up for ourselves here, not because we give a shit anymore what these folks say…..

    …..but to point out to the fans and music industry of the UK that they’ve changed their title.

    Now N.M.E. stands for …….Now Mostly Excrement.

    No longer of any value to the music community…. they have decided to be the TMZ of music news.

    Good riddance. - PK"

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    1. 669
      You'd think folks would be a bit more disturbed that all their mainstream news outlets led them to believe all was proper, just, and correct when that crooked, biased judge tossed Tommy in jail without anything remotely like due process. Turned out all of those news outlets were wrong, as a panel of judges found it wasn't proper at all under the law.

      And people wonder why we call them Fake News. They aren't journalists at all. They didn't like Tommy's politics so they didn't give even a slight fuck about justice and the law, and they fully support the UK becoming a place where you can become a political prisoner in the blink of an eye without anyone even being able to articulate what you did wrong and not even a lawyer present to represent you. They mis-reported the whole time, trying to hoodwink the citizens into thinking there was nothing to see here, let Tommy sit in jail for as long as possible and don't raise a fuss. Until at last Tommy's situation could be reviewed by some judges who actually are not corrupt and biased in the extreme. Why would it take so long for him to be released back on bail when on review they found the judge had done literally everything wrong?

      But, hey, what do you expect in a country where a real journalist who reveals truths about corruption and lawlessness and war crimes in the highest places has been rotting in an embassy in London for years on end?
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    2. Nikita
      Erm, it was a working class movement, just like the black shirts in Italy.
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    3. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      That is true, and yet it is false.
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    4. vegan.cro spirit# 212
      vegan.cro spirit# 212
      Dont confuse him with the facts. I suppose Hitler was fine with Non Capitalist Jews.:crazy:
    5. StalinsPipe
      That is partly true, but it's partly false.
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    6. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      People can be poor and vote against their own interests, otherwise the kind of kleptocracies we find ourselves so often living in would NOT flourish.
      Most people simply don’t vote and those that do are often motivated by baser emotions such as hate for others, lust for violence, greed for other nations wealth, combined all this and more with mass stupidity. This last part is the most telling matter here in the USA, our education is a shambles and no, I’m not speaking of college and the the like which are ridiculously expensive, I mean the public school system k-12, it’s degradation and the rise of the right here go hand and hand and this is by design.
      However, teachers are not blameless in this from what I’ve seen on a very up close and personal level, just for fucking once I’d like them to go on strike not just to keep their wages or pensions intact but to oh, I don’t know, see that more money actually be spent on things like new classroom tech, buildings, smaller class sizes, even extra curricular activities.
      All of that sort of stuff would help to create a better society but I’m not holding my breath...
    7. vegan.cro spirit# 701
      vegan.cro spirit# 701

      If not the teachers fault, who then?:crazy: The buildings?
      Pay the lefties who run the shambolic educational system MORE???? So they ramp up the clusterflock. Lol
      Teachers are always whining about how they COULD EARN so much more in the private sector:lbf:
      Go then LOL,wont last a week selling cars.:lbf: They never actually go to the private sector they stay put and whine.

      LOL that kind of patronizing. Dudes who spend all the laying about smoking weed would be voting against their interests if they didnt vote for more left wing handouts?:rolleyes:
      Anyways maybe it came to them, while in a haze, that should commies take over there will be no
      food or weed, yes in theory it would be free if there was any :lbf::lbf:
    8. Nikita
      Read and try to understand, not what you have decided that one writes’ bit what is really written.

      We are not talking about the vote, but the movement.
    9. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Which bowel movement is that exactly? :p
    10. Anonymous
      His manager didnt write this , I am sure of it.

      He is an amazing person , posts like these are beneath him and I hope he deletes it. You dont need to justify anything to anyone.
    11. Alison K
      Alison K
      Just read your bio, NS...strong, yes. Kind? Not very. Articulate? Absolutely. I enjoy reading your posts, but I know you, and I know you're unkind. You may want to remove that bit from your profile.
    12. Nathan Steggles
      Nathan Steggles
      Hmm I’m sure you don’t know me at all but please elaborate as I’m sure you may have mixed up with someone else
    13. Anonymous

      I totally disagree, sorry, because Music did not lose it's way. At all.

      1. The thing is that both Melody Maker and NME lost a number of well-organised (chuckle) writers
      who moved into better paid jobs. Some at nice magazines (just around the corner infact) with free coffee.
      Two 'became' exceptionally good - Published - authors. At least one-nice-man died. One 'became' a photographer, selling prints from 1991, that he continues to do today, allegedly.

      2. Then when those writers were replaced, they were replaced by nice-but-useless-fools. Editors were also
      replaced by idiots. And in less-than-3-years, the Great NME was driven downwards into the gutter-press beside TV Quick. The only staff left were junior and many were basically nice-but-useless.
      The end was swift AND painful.

      3. Music was still going strong throughout this period of time. Infact, it's still going strong today in 2018.

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