Tirade against the NME on Morrissey Official FB by Peter Katsis

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By Uncleskinny on Aug 7, 2018 at 6:53 AM
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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    Appears to come from Peter Katsis. Appallingly written mess of a statement.

    Link here:

    Text here:

    "The N.M.E. used to represent the underground.

    Now they are becoming known as The Guardian of rock music.

    They had to stop printing copies.

    Not because no one buys magazines.

    Print publications like Q Magazine and Kerrang! still exist, because they remember who they are.

    But not N.M.E.

    They forgot who they were.

    And because they just aren’t cool anymore.

    N.M.E. are also just full of shit.

    And can’t even afford good writers to work for them.

    They like to remind readers of all the past allegations of the year, despite their lack of any basis in fact, despite that they are just re-hashing stories over and over, old news, fake news, etc.

    But they leave out their own old issues, of lawsuits lost, and legal battles that forced them to apologize to M in the past.

    And they lie more than Donald Trump.

    -N.M.E. asked no one from M’s camp for comment to their recent story.

    -Haslam was never a Moz fan. He was a publicity hound who had a new book coming that no one cared about.

    -We didn’t cancel our summer shows because of Haslam’s weak event, the protest that drew no people.

    -Moz in not a racist.

    None of M’s latino fans care about UK politics, but hell…..why not call them up and try and find a story where one doesn’t exist?

    Not like they have anything real to write about……like music.

    Because they don’t even know what music is anymore.

    Basically all this points to the fact that writer(?) Bob Chiarito and his editors at N.M.E. have been relegated to meaninglessness.

    Not really even worth writing about for this Facebook post.

    We stand up for ourselves here, not because we give a shit anymore what these folks say…..

    …..but to point out to the fans and music industry of the UK that they’ve changed their title.

    Now N.M.E. stands for …….Now Mostly Excrement.

    No longer of any value to the music community…. they have decided to be the TMZ of music news.

    Good riddance. - PK"

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    1. Anonymous
      It's official: "Moz in not a racist" (whatever that means?) :confused:
    2. The Irish Hare
      The Irish Hare
      Not well written but accurate none the less.
      The Enemy is so relevant it's out of print.
      Dave Haslams protest against free speech was a non event.
      The best revenge is to ignore the haters, they're a symptom of the bland PC brigade who have lost the ability to think for themselves. Their short attention span is always drawn to the word racist and its easy to spell. ..
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    3. Nathan Steggles
      Nathan Steggles
      This is quite a bizarre rant. Not sure what it’s meant to achieve apart from looking like a mad vitriol at what was once a great institution in music. Yes the NME certainly lost its way because music also did. It cannot be forgotten though that the NME also helped M massively throughout his career
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    4. Pokey
      And the mystery continues - why doesn’t Skinny find something more productive to do with his time?
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    5. gordyboy9
      looks like one of skinnys posts.
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    6. gordyboy9
      coz hes mad.
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    7. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      That’s nice, dear.
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    8. gordyboy9
      the media don't care anymore where an item of news is true or false,its all about getting it out there first,this is rolling news channels,newspapers,social media,facebook,if someone sues they roll back and say they were given the wrong information.
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    9. Derek17
      This person does not know how to construct a paragraph.
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    10. katiamos
      I think that Moz and those around him should start to ignore those articles and move on. It’s pointless to answer
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    11. Anonymous
      Embarrassing drivel. The NME is not and has never been viewed as a The Guardian of music. The only similarity is that they’re both shadows of what they once were.

      Haslam was a Smiths/Moz fan. I know this for a fact. I saw him at gigs over 30 odd years ago. He played Strangeways in its entirety, songs gaps and all, as soon as it was released, at the Hacienda. Again, I was there.
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    12. scatterkeir
      I hate to concede anything to the daft old bugger but by aiming at the dreadful NME he has picked a target where he can land a few hits, even by swinging wildly and ineffectually. But it's a hollow victory, like plopping out a terribly written tirade about Glenn Medeiros' music not being very good.
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    13. javert
      Judging by the time of night this was posted in LA time, seems around 10/11 PM Pacific Time, this was one of the following:

      • A drunken Moz rant, which he signed off as PK (Does read very like Moz)
      • A standard PK rant, which says more about Morrissey's trust in management (rare given the past)
      • PK with a dragon breathing down his neck...
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    14. Anonymous
      Morrissey and his stable now represent artless ordinary boys. He's forgoing any sense of dignity at this point.
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    15. Anonymous
      This sounds exactly like some kind of mindless, juvenile tweet that Trump would write.

      Morrissey, you're done. Get lost. You only speak for a fading generation.
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    16. Thewlis
      So was Katsis once manager of One Direction?
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    17. Peppermint
      Got to disagree about the writing style, it's nothing like Morrissey's florid, overblown ravings. But I agree that it's got the Hand of Moz all over it (as you say, probably breathing down his neck). The Now Mostly Excrement acronym, in particular, sounds very much like him.
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    18. ACTON
      Exactly. Just adding fuel to the fire and highlighting those articles even more. Surely Moz (and us) are too busy for this crap.
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    19. lanterns
      i would like to ask the poster "uncleskinny" not just to precede his impending threads with an opinion-forming assessment of the material we are going read, as he thankfully did here, but also with selected commentary on this material from facebook, twitter and other social media. if possible, an age rating would be helpful too.
      we all look for orientation in life, and this would make reading texts so much easier. i prefer not to think for myself, honestly, and can be easily offended by "strong language" which might have an undesirable effect on people my age. thank you in advance.
      who needs freedom of thought when there is freedom of speech?
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