TimeOut: "Salty Brine: Bigmouth Strikes Again (The Smiths Show - London, Aug. 31 - Sep. 7)" (August 25, 2023)

Just what I'm sure we've all been waiting for! - a drag cabaret show based around The Queen is Dead x Frankenstein

Press release:

Soho Theatre invites you to Salty Brine: Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths Show. Don't miss this stunning night of musical mayhem by New York cult cabaret sensation Salty Brine. Making his UK debut, Salty ventures into the dark and disturbed as he twists Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein around The Smiths’ post-punk, indie classic The Queen is Dead.

for £12 tickets (including fees)
All performances from Thu 31st Aug - Thu 7th Sep


New York’s cult cabaret sensation Salty Brine makes his London debut with a show from his iconic Living Record Collection series.

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Just what I'm sure we've all been waiting for! - a drag cabaret show based around The Queen is Dead x Frankenstein
Looks all right. Salty Brine introduces the project here -

Here's someone going to some trouble to identify William - https://www.radiox.co.uk/artists/the-smiths/who-was-william-it-was-really-nothing-about/

And the link title only here takes the name of Morrissey -

Salty Brine: Bigmouth Strikes Again (The Smiths Show)

New York cabaret legend Salty Brine makes his London debut with an exploration of The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead.

Brief article mentioning his upcoming performances: Aug. 31 - 16 Sept., 2023 at The Soho Theatre.
At the moment, and as often happened before, The Smiths and Morrissey music are named influences for a spate of shows, including this one. Bookish Boy drew attention to another, with comedian Sian Davies. And also at the Edinburgh fringe festival is a play, Alone.
Saw it last week and it is good, although I found the musical theatre delivery of the Smiths songs grating after a while. But it is slick, clever and funny. What I didn't like was Salty Brine saying 'There's a monster in the room......and that monster is MORRISSEY!', then going on about how we all love Johnny Marr. I mean really? You create a whole show based around songs he co-wrote then slag him off for a cheap laugh? If it wasn't for Morrissey, you wouldn't have a show......
The Guardian have a write-up about the show today, and also liked it:

A lifelong fan of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the New York cabaret star Salty Brine likes to use the title as a verb, he tells us. To Frankenstein something is to solder together disregarded old parts and make something new. “Shall we try it?” Bigmouth Strikes Again duly stitches Shelley’s novel, The Smiths’ album The Queen Is Dead, and episodes from Salty’s own biography into a creature whose life is weirdly but entirely its own.

The audacity of the undertaking is – as it was in Frankenstein – part of the thrill. If trad jukebox musicals can strain to fit lyrics to dramatic action, they’ve got nothing on this show, which must persuade us that Morrissey’s words and the plot of an 1818 gothic horror fit (disembodied) hand in glove. Brine pulls it off...

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