time to drop the smiths songs

I think it's great that he still plays some of The Smiths' songs, they should never be dropped.

In fairness, he does try to rotate them each year so you can't say that he always does the same ones (although HSIN is an exception, but it's an automatic crowd pleaser, I wouldn't drop it).

It could also be worse, he could 'The Boy with a Thorn in his side' and other songs!

What are you on about?! Boy With The Thorn would be incredible!!!
why drop them... he wrote them! i remember a time when he didn't play the smiths live... that didn't last long... he first one i heard them play was 'shoplifters' and it was a joy.
5 Smiths songs does seem like a lot, but it's probably fun to hear him sing them. I'd rather hear more of his solo stuff that doesn't get played much, if it was my choice, though.

I realize that the entire show has to be rehearsed and it isn't just about the songs, it's the lights and everything else that keeps it from being spontaneous, but still...

what they need to do is work the band until they can play any song he happens to feel like playing at the moment and just go for it. the music should be live and spontaneous and different every night, and if the lighting crew has to improvise I don't think anyone would know the difference. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't know what he was going to play and also if we got a whole tour's worth of songs available on soulseek or whatever, you'd get new versions of all your favorites. That's what I'd like to see. Lots of us can only see one show if we're lucky, but it is nice to look for the live stuff to download and I don't ever need to hear some of those songs again, personally, even if they are great songs. They aren't great enough to make up for never hearing some of the more obscure songs.

He should be playing Nobody Loves Us and This Is Not Your Country sometimes instead of Every day is Like Sunday for the 400,000th time. And Like I say, it's a great song, but come on, we've heard that one.
I agree with you Dave, but current line-up of the band it's not easily done because Jesse is relatively new.
It's a very sensitive subject because we don't know what's going to happen in future.
Jesse is a very talented musician/songwriter, but many of us hoping that Alain'll be back as a touring member.
Good to have different songwriters who bring fresh ideas into creative process, but at the same time there's a dilemma, too.:o
I just hope it will find its own way to solve the problem.
can we make this into a poll?

i love the smiths songs (obviously) although it is weird when IBEH etc gets a better reaction!
He should be playing Nobody Loves Us and This Is Not Your Country sometimes instead of Every day is Like Sunday for the 400,000th time. And Like I say, it's a great song, but come on, we've heard that one.

Not necessarily, for someone like me, who has only been into the smiths/morrissey for about 6months it was a joy to hear Sunday at Wembley. If Morrissey starts playing all these obscure tracks then he's really limiting himself to veteran fans and practically ignoring potential newcomers.
i have heard everyday is like sunday thousands of times and it still sounds amazing live. cant get enough of it

in fact i think that it gets better and better not least because the crowd reaction to it is incredible
The idea of the band and lighting learning every song and just playing any that Morrissey feels like at the drop of the hat is just completely impracticle. They are not a pub band where no coordination is needed and no one minds if the quality is a bit ropey.

They have a new drummer this year and they've managed to prepare over 40 songs over the tour. I think that is more than enough. I'm amazed they've managed to do that and keep the standard so high.

I think you also need to take into account that Morrissey's attitude to a setlist is very unlikely to be a case of just dropping songs in where he feels like it. Knowing the way he works he probably thinks it's just as important as when he works out an album tracklisting. You can see he tweaks things over a tour, even if it's just changing one song or the order a bit between each show.
i always felt morrissey should not play more than one or two smiths songs per show.
Does Morrissey have to pay some sort of royalty to other Smiths members? Because technically he's making money through performing the songs.
dont you think its about time that the smiths songs were dropped from the set list , i mean with such a huge back catalogue and so many amazing songs why not quit the sing alongs and play some classics , speedway , now my heart is full , alsatian cousin ??? - i love the smiths but the past is the past

Noooooooo , Never !
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I personally believe that he should never drop the smiths songs but they have the tendancy to sound flat live. Like "There is a light..." sounds really weak without Marr esq tweaks to the live version but some have do stand out like his versions of 'Rubber Ring'. I would much rather hear him do the old b sides (back when his b sides were possibly better than album tracks, not 2 year old live versions) like 'Girl Least Likely To'. To some it up; I don't think he should be performing the "Greatest Smiths Songs In The World......EVER!" live but say a b-side or album track. I wasn't so thrilled by his dream academy style "Please, Please.." extended version but was in tears for "I've changed my plea" at the wembley leg of this tour.
Are you serious? NO way should he stop playing Smiths songs! No way. It's the only chance we have to recapture some Smiths magic - plenty of us were either too young, or not around to hear it the first time around! I'm SO thankful that there is still an opportunity to hear him sing them.

I do think, however, from what I have heard, they sound a little lacklustre live now. And that's not Morrissey's doing - it's purely due to his band, methinks. No one can play them like Johnny does. No one.
2 smith (Last night I dreamt,reela)
3 Viva (Suedehead,Hairdresser,Plea)
1 Bona (Dissapointed)
2 Arsenal (NF disco,tomorrow)
1 Maladjusted (Trouble loves me)
1 Southpaw(teachers)
3 Vauxhall (Speedway,hated for loving,lifeguard)
2 Yatq (symphonies,Jesus)
3 Rott (pigsty,god,most loved)

that way should be the setlist
some good points made about the reason the set list is not as random as I'd like, but on the other hand, these are professional musicians, and should be able to play the entire catalog. Most of it follows pretty standard forms I think, and shouldn't be that difficult. Besides I think it would be a great challenge.

Anyway, it's probably a matter of taste, but I don't think raw is a bad thing, and would rather hear the band challenged than hear a letter perfect version.

Also, I might have been a little harsh about Everyday is Like Sunday, but trust me, the b-sides and more obscure album tracks are just as good.

I don't mean to argue, though. To make this post worthwhile here's some songs I'd like to hear live.
I think someone on here, I can't remember who said that Morrissey doesn't play a lot of his older music because it says nothing to him about his present day life or something along the lines, it might be embarrassment or something along that nature, you know mate? I canny wait man!
Well of course, much as I love 'Handsome Devil' for example, I can't imagine a serious 47 year old perform that song.
The older songs would lose relevance on an ageing morrissey - "i've never had a job...because i became morrissey and lived off that?". However some songs would be amazing live. I'd sell my entire family to the sex trade to just hear him do 'Asleep'. But the early solo b sides are clearly what we want to hear. Sister..., Yes, I am blind I'd even prefer Get off the stage to another flat version of there is a light.
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