Tim Jonze has to defend another interview (Lana Del Rey), mentions Morrissey fans in tweet

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By RobLand on Jun 22, 2014 at 6:07 PM
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Discussion in 'Off-topic archive (read-only)' started by RobLand, Jun 22, 2014.

    1. Anonymous
    2. Anonymous
      Hmmm - having said that, he has posted the audio of her saying those exact words in the interview, so I'm not really sure what her problem is. She could have refused the question, or got up and walked out at any time.

      A shame there was no audio ever released of the 'allegedly' racist Morrissey comments in that infamous NME interview, so we could all hear and decide for ourselves, one way or another.
    3. Anonymous
      The audio was never released because Morrissey used it to sue them. The fact that Jonze implied the editor had manipulated the article and the apology issued by the magazine is enough to conclude what happened.
    4. Anonymous
      I'd still love to hear the tape, just to see what the actual level of manipulation was that got Moz so hot under the collar.
    5. Anonymous
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    6. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
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    7. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Tim Jonze seems a lot like the guy whose favorite joke is "homosayswhat?"...only, instead of snickering when he baits someone into saying "what?", he prints it as a headline and bases a whole article around it.
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    8. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      Lana is amazing, an original, great songs and true talent and very hot .
    9. DJCeremony
      Lana Del Rey fans are worse than anybody because... well, they're Lana Del Rey fans. They apparently haven't noticed that Ms. Del Rey is not a musician, but a fashion photography project.
    10. starless
      She sounds like a 45rpm record played at 33rpm.
    11. eugenius
      Who in the fuck is Tim Jonze?

      Nevermind, I don't care.
    12. Anonymous
      Morrissey did make some xenophobic statements and she did say she wished she was dead.
    13. Anonymous
      Morrissey fans are great. It's the "fans" that are the problem, such as the ones that constantly criticize the man for having convictions and deteriorating health. It happens when you get to a certain age and have been putting more stress on yourself than you really should have, all for nought.
    14. Anonymous
      It's because she wishes she was dead.
    15. celibate
      if I remember , a part time journalist, and wrote a very disrespectfull piece of bullshit about Morrissey,
      Morrissey seud him, or the eNeMEy]

      [or this 3 issues has nothing to do with eachother, well 1 thing Jonze is a writer/journalist, who wrote offensive things about Morrissey]

      'and they say he's mentall' ... wishing Morrissey a good health recover, as it seems since pneunomia past tour He's not OK...
    16. Anonymous
      Just another rich bitch whine from the queen of fake herself. Yawn....
    17. Anonymous
      That's a horrible way to talk about Morrissey.
    18. ninetimesfined
      Fun fact (Okay, not fun but there we go) Tim Jonze was in the promo video for the Killers' 'All These Things That I Have Done'.

      I used to buy the NME every week for a very brief period. The day I stopped buying it was the day that Arctic Monkeys were on the cover for the first time. That was a death knell to something special - the angular, art rock revival scene of the early Noughties when bands namechecked the likes of the Associates, Japan and our very own Mozza. And look at the state of music now. Everyone's devoid of any sense of adventure anymore. Yawn
    19. My Only Weakness
      My Only Weakness
      When I saw this comment come out in the news, I started checking her out. Her background, her story, her early stuff, her recent stuff. I am no fan of females in general. (difficult to reconcile being that I AM ONE...but, any woman who has had the typical encounters with women that serve to turn us against each other will understand how a policy to give them a wide berth evolves)
      But, this chick is sorta cool. She is genuinely nice to her fans, takes time to meet them, gives triples A's to random people she's meeting, ALWAYS stops to sign things, pose for pictures, she HUGS total strangers. She is funny, sweet, and even if she's a bit monotonous, she's managed to carve a style out of it, and I actually dig it. I think the whole old Hollywood glam alternated with the super innocent, buttoned up dresses she wears on stage sometimes is so vintage and attractive, I may have my first tiny little totally straight girl crush, in a completely non-sexual context. She said all she ever wanted or thought about was being a singer and being famous and now that she's arrived, she has found it just wasn't what she thought it would be. Typical of young lassies her age. I was that way. I wanted a restaurant, and I got one, and I HATED IT! I wanted to go to medical school, so I did, I couldn't STAND the administrative bullshit doctors have to cut through to treat their patients. What's training for if you can't utilize your own judgement?! I have had a million mini-careers, and I like it that way. The thing I found was that I don't want to marry a job or a company. I want to learn to do loads of things, and if you commit yourself to a company, they will just fire you six months before retirement so you lose your pension because corporate bastards suck donkey balls. My eloquence may overwhelm you here, if you have to take a small break to digest the richness of my words, I understand. hehehehe
      She is either darkening her image, or she's just sick of the crap and total control imposed on artists by their "owners" or labels, I think they prefer to be called. I was extreme in my statements at that age. And "God, I just want to DIE" was one of my favourites.
      There were no reporters around to make a huge deal out of it and read a bunch of shite into it, so I wasn't under any pressure to follow through. Which I never would have done anyway. I enjoy torturing myself too much to skip out.

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