Tim Booth interview in Under the Radar, Aug 5, 2019 with Morrissey and Smiths mentions

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    Interview with Tim Booth with Morrissey and Smiths mention

    James - Tim Booth on Not Being a Heritage Band and Why They Were Never Big in America
    by Celine Teo-Blockey, Under the Radar, August 5, 2019


    And here I was thinking you missed out on being big in America because you wanted to see a guru [from the Lifewave cult].

    [Laughs] Yes, The Smiths invited us to tour with them on their first big tour in America. But two of us were deep into meditations, no alcohol, no drugs and there was this opportunity to see this guru. So we turned down our first American tour and our guru didn't turn up anyway. [Laughs] At any rate, I don't think we were quite ready for America. I joined James as a 16-year-old, we needed that longer period of time to master our craft. We finally got to the States nine years later with "Sit Down" and that was great! Then grunge happened. Once grunge happened—you know that wasn't quite us.


    While we're on the topic of politics, you were great friends with Morrissey back in the day, does it seem strange to you how his current political views are so far-right, the antithesis to yours?

    Fame does weird things to people. In the early '80s, he was a sweet man: tender, insecure, funny—that was the man I knew. I haven't spoken to him recently so I can't comment on his views. But I don't recognize him anymore from the reports in the media.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer, Aug 11, 2019.

    1. Amonymous
      Their last meeting was presumably at the hop farm in 2011.
      Booth tweeted: moz hugged me at hop saying, " you still alive ?"

      If you don't recognize someone you knew personally via the reports in the media, I think it's more likely that the reports have it wrong. Just my two cents.
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    2. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555

      we dont recognize you either from the photos in the press, with the bald dome, the dumb dyed fu manchu and pajama bottons.o_O

      this dude should quit giving richard simmons jumping lessons and instead teach twattery.:lbf:
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    3. Mayfly
      Didn't realize they met at hop farm in 2011.
      Anyway, was there any particular reason why Booth and Moz stopped being friends?

      On his description of Moz back then, it strikes me as still partly accurate today:
      Insecure: yes, but hidden behind tough looks and words
      Fanny: he still is in his better moments
      Tender: not sure about that one
    4. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Not this cornball again.
      This is the same cornball who said he had to murder birds cause he had a health issue.
      What his real issue is is that he's got that syndrome.
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    5. Anonymous
      Just saw James with the Furs. Fantastic show. So many great tunes. ...and the band is top-shelf!!!

      Loads of GREAT music out there, internationally. Independent artists, particularly. Shame folks around here are stuck with “who Melvis likes” and “who likes Melvis”.

      If someone doesn’t fall into one of those categories, they're written off because of their hair or clothing, or some past statement - taken out-of-context. They’d readily defend Melvis to the death for the very same thing.

      These comments are the rubbish musings of lost children who’ve yet to experience the real aging process. It’ll come to you soon. They’ll wrinkle, whither, then die. ...and their legacy will be the shallow insults they’ve hurled toward artists - on the mistaken premise that it’s being done at Melvis’ behest.

      Melvis doesn’t love them. ...and for that matter - Jesus thinks they’re a bunch of half-wit, punk-ass bitches as well.

      Carry on then.
    6. Anonymous
      “Murder birds”? What the FUCK are you on about? If he killed a bunch of shit-hawks due to health issues, good on him. I kill anything that doesn’t stay away from my garden after a warning. Don’t eat ‘em or wear ‘em because I’m a vegan. I just shoot the fuckers and then make a salad.

      This place would be healthier if it were properly culled as well.
    7. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555


      the bald cuck eats friend chicken wings and turkey legs.o_O
      he clomps them into his mouth with those hammy fingers of his.:lbf:
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    8. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley

      You’re welcome. Now sod off.
    9. Mayfly
      Just wished they would take James along on their European tour because I have a ticket to one of these shows. But no sign of that (yet).
    10. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      I expect the billing would have to be reversed in Europe?
    11. marred
      Basically he hasn't seen him in years. They're not friends. They haven't even spoken to each other in ages but what the hell, let's go with the media. Yeah that'll do.
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    12. AztecCamera
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    13. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Oh no!
      It's the cornball patrol!
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    14. Anonymous
      ah the obligatory “Morrissey eh?” question. Tedious, move on.
    15. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555

      this very minute he is stuffing his fat mouth with fried pork chunks.:swear
    16. Mayfly
      I don't know what the order of the billing was in the US, but I would say that the Psychedelic Furs are better known here than James.

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