tight fit


Having purchased latest single I got it home. I tried to get the c.d. out...

After a mighty struggle I gave up. My wife tried but failed. By now the cover was looking decidedly dogeared. Eventually I decided to take it apart.

I suggest on purchase you test it out.


I always get the cds with the card cases.


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You are right - I've got 2 of the things and neither will leave the covers - seems like they have been glued in.

Obviously they think I buy them for visual not aural use:eek:
Yep i was pulling very hard on the bus and looked like a right idiot trying to get them apart. I had two and tried them both and they were both like that.
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Me too.....
Was in HMV and had no problem sliding the inner sleeve out but decided to buy from Piccadilly Records instead.
Once home, I thought I was going to rip the thing open to get it out. It was tighter than a Scotsman's wallet on a Saturday night;)
Managed to do so eventually but how I managed not to rip the outer sleeve was a miracle.


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thought the title of this thread was referring to the 80's 'band' and I was thinking 'what the hell has Moz had to do with them?!' :confused::rolleyes:


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so glad it wasnt just me!!!
mine was a bit tight but now ive had it out and in again (scuse the pun) it seems to be a bit better..
didnt help that the boyf was tutting at me as i tried to get the darn thing out... if anythings gonna distract you and make you tear it its that.. GRRR
loving the vinyls, want to buy another set so i can get the covers framed...
*looks round for a space for them*


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just hade another little play with my single and it was incredibly tight so ive rubbed a candle along the top and bottom edges of the insert, that seems to help and didnt mark it.


Phew.. I thought someone was playing a trick with me..

Sent out wifey to get another copy..Bugger.


Oh no! The manager at H.M.V. as withdrew the singles.. After wife showed up complaining.

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Oh no! The manager at H.M.V. as withdrew the singles.. After wife showed up complaining.
Oops, your fault then when it fails to hit the top spot :D
I couldnt get 2 copies out of their card sleeves so my creative boyfriend has had to slice open the join with a stanley knife then stick back together with double sided sticky tape. Oh that takes be back :) The inner sleeve looks too big for the outer :confused:
anyone with an unopened one, wrap it in cotton wool, a true mint copy is going to be worth a packet next week when they are all withdrawn!


P.s. repackage panic
Moz you owe me big time if this ploy gets you to number 1:)
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