"Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guardian Music Blog

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By Uncleskinny on Jul 14, 2011 at 5:23 PM
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    Found this in The Guardian website...

    Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it? by Stephen Kelly - The Guardian Music Blog
    After a 5,000-mile trip from LA to Copenhagen, a Morrissey fansite owner was looking forward to seeing his favourite artist in concert. Instead he was refused entry and given a lifetime ban
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    1. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Supporting Morrissey should not mean that someone is automatically a sychophant. Even Mozzer once sang, 'Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are.'

      Why don't you find out for yourself?
    2. Anonymous
      Shame on you. I disgust you, "Morrissey-fans". I've been a fan for over a decade and never went to a gig until this summer and never ever stumbled on the pages of this forum, just recently I discovered it, and little did I know what I'd find here.

      I'd expected Morrissey fans to be shy and intellectual and as interesting on the inside as they may be boring on the outside, but instead I found a bunch of self-centered black-and-white-simpleheads. None of you has any idea what actually happened between the owner of this site and Morrissey, but still you claim to know it all and to be in the position to judge the man that has always been true to you, in his own strange way (do you even know what this means?). Who the heck do you think you are? You construct the most abstruse stories out of nothing, you would also claim that Morrissey *obviously* (!!!) hates jews just because he wears black trousers, red shirt and white socks one day? He or people close to him kicked out this davidt-guy out of the venue, so you assume that he also spits on anything that davidt stands up for? If davidt loves rabbits, then *obviously* Morrissey hates rabbits? How simple-minded can one be? Does anyone of you shittyheads understand the difference between constructive criticism and pure hatefulness? If the one you love messes something up, what do you do? Spit on them like they're nothing but scum? There is only one individual in public who would refuse to play the awful fame game, he guided you through troubled times and helped you when you were in need and was there for you when no one else was, and now, when he's standing up for himself, defending his borders that you cross so willingly and with nastiness beyond imagination, when he's doing nothing else but still staying true to himself, you ban him, disgust him for being what he is and has always been? He never promised to please you or anyone, he was just there, being himself and singing his life, and that's exactly what you loved him for, but instead of the well-deserved loyalty (and please, don't talk about blind slavery right now, you black-and-white-simpleheads, you make me sick) you spit on him, yelling how much you hate his songs, but look what happens now that you heard Scandinavia, suddenly the loyalty and admiration that you threw away so easily is coming back? That great big not-so-old bastard showed you who's the man, and just wait for the release of a new album, anyone who claimed to never go to a Morrissey gig again will creep and pray to grab a ticket to see him live.
      You poor idiots. You don't deserve to see him. I'll tell you what I took with me from the gigs I went to: It's nothing else but great thankfulness, highest respect and [lacking and adjective that sums it all up] love, and none of you self-centered bullshit-talking douchebags will ever get this experience, because Morrissey is a wise child, he doesn't give his love to pushy arseholes like you. You claim to despise him because you feel rejected by him, yet you remain here, with nothing else to do than highering your pity selves by throwing piles of mud on the greatest individual that has ever walked this unhappy planet.

      For the record, I'm drunk. Effort for phrasing equals your effort for self-reflection. Well-formulated arguments were nothing but a waste on you silly dumbheaded bitches. And now jump on this post, quoting insignificant details just to spit out a low joke to make your shitty day. Shame on you. Shame on you.
    3. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Once? He sang it far too often from 2007-2009!
    4. xDANx
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      For the record, I'm completely sober and I completely agree with you.
    5. Anonymous
      hi everyone, I'm Johan....and to be honest Morrissey lost it since 'your arsenal'....I am still a big smiths-fan and morrissey was at that time a great person....but since 'your arsenal' I see him as a very dangerous person with a lot of fans who follow him blindly....a very risky man...I really hope that those fans finally realize that they've been joking around by somebody who thinks he is god....
    6. Anonymous
      Moz having DT thrown out doesn't really bother me. It's his prerogative to throw out anybody he doesn't like - it's his show. Much more to the point is whether Moz has 'lost it' lyrically and musically, and the answer to that can only be a resounding YES. I haven't loved a Morrissey album since 'Vauxhall and I'. 'Years Of Refusal' was pretty dreadful - come on, admit it, who listens to that album all the way through again and again? Apart from 'Not Your Birthday' the rest of the album is some of the worst material he has ever produced. The cover pic makes him look like a baby-fiddler. And the new stuff aired on Janice Long sounds no better. This really is a man in the winter of his career. No doubt he is planning to retire after one more album (if he can find a label) and the release of the autobiography coinciding with the anniversary of 30 years in the music business. Undoubtedly for the best.
    7. Anonymous
      Could Hugh be so kind to come on here and let us know if he plans on grassing anyone else?
    8. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      He can't because David Tseng feels so strongly about "free speech" that he keeps banning him from the website, banning the entire IP address of the network that he is on. Apparently, "free speech" is for everyone but him and the greater part of Manchester, which is again, fitting.

      -This is not your country.
    9. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      In general, the more you know about how this place works, the more difficult you'll find it to make a post (and see it last for more than ten minutes). Mere links to past posts by moderators are their favorite posts to delete.
    10. Anonymous
      If Morrissey is pissed off with this site and the comments on it , then , before pointing the figure , he should look at the route of the problem which lies firmly at his door.

      The reason for the discontent is the music and that shit band of his.

      His audience are a lot older now and dont buy into it. I don't.

      The music his shit and has been for quite a while now.

      The band are embarrassing and shocking.

      Please , will somebody tell me what they are doing wearing the same clothing , wtf is all that about.

      They need to go on a diet.

      The record sleeves are shit.

      The record producers apart from ronson , lily-white and street are as just to blame.

      In fact , I would love boo-rer & toblerone to go to Stephen street with those new three songs and I would pay money to see streets face when faced with that pile of shit.

      it's like he doesn't care anymore.
    11. Anonymous
      "The person responsible for the cripplingly unfunny fake 'Morrissey' blog is Walter Ego, failed journalist, friend of Uncleskinny (surprise surprise) and all round Tseng arse-licker on the forums.


      I also suspect this is the asshole who call himself "Theo" at www.allyouneedismorrissey.com, where he is spreading his hatred as well ...

      If you see this retard: "- We dont want you here."

      Troll post
    12. Trouble loves me
      Trouble loves me
      It's interesting to hear your take on Years of Refusal; I too cannot listen to the album all the way through, aside from the first few times I heard it. However, I think "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore" is possibly one of Morrissey's worst songs. I can only listen to the first 8 tracks on YOR. However, I also think that "When Last I spoke to Carol" is one of the best songs Morrissey has ever recorded. I also thought that the cover of the album was fantastic; better than the endless (albeit attractive) pictures of Morrissey looking wistful in various poses that adorn the covers of his other solo albums.

      My opinion on Morrissey banning David T from his gigs is simply that I do not think an artist should ban anyone, unless they have threatened a member of the band or crew. Neverthless, as you said, it's Morrissey's show, he makes the decisions and if he wants to ban someone, he can.

      Has he lost it? In the eyes of people who have never liked him, he never had it. And in the eyes of the devoted, he'll never lose it. Therefore I fail to see the point of articles like this one in the Guardian. Music is a very subjective thing; for instance, as much as I love Morrissey, I've never been interested in the music he likes and when he published a list of his favourite albums, I only agreed with Jeff Buckley's Grace.

      Anyway, the point is that, to many fans Morrissey hasn't lost it, because he hasn't changed. He still writes interesting lyrics (even though they are often lost under the average music) and he sticks stubbonly to his band because he likes them as people and not necessarily the music they play. Thus, even though the songs sound very samey musically, Morrissey is still happy, because they have been recorded with the purity of his vision. In this repect he is almost autistic in his stubborness to listen to anyone else's opinion. He also hasn't changed as regards his public actions and pronouncements. The only reason they offend many fans nowadays is that the fans grew up, but Morrissey refused to compromise his adolescent self. For that I greatly admire the man, even though I find I don't agree with him as much as I used to.

      When he obtains a record deal, or finds another way to release his material, he will still have fans who like the songs, he will still sell the record and he will still gather column inches and interest on the strength of his opinionated and eloquent prose. Nevertheless, I think these little acts of petulance on Morrissey's part (although entirely fitting with his character) do indicate a man bored with the sychophancy, the hatred and the bickering of fans on websites such as this and often at his gigs. I sometimes think that he's into self sabotage, in order to alienate himself further from these types of fans and that he swings between wishing for mainstream popularity, to carving such an odd niche he will end up playing to an audience of about 10 people. Both these scenarios will allow him to feel aggrieved and I think he cannot enjoy life, or be creative unless he feels that fire of resentment.

      All I know is that as long as Morrissey is around I will remain a fan; I'm not as slavishly devoted as I once was, but he's unique in his field and I still find him a very interesting artist, mainly for the persona he has cultivated. And it is a persona, even as he insists that the "Morrissey" the fans see is his true self, I have heard several stories to the contrary. But still, I think many former fans do the man a disservice in their objection to him. He is not as rich, as strange, nor as thoughtless as many like to believe.
    13. Anonymous
      fistful of dog shit

      and what the fuck are doing here exactly?? hahahahahahahah
    14. Anonymous
      The Buble quote says it all really. Morrissey believes he should be beyond criticism and wishes to punish anyone who'd dare to pour scorn on his recent output, while happily doling out great lashings of it himself. He's a Gucci wearing, fur-hating, shit-spouting hypocrite of the lowest order.
    15. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Elaborate, please. What stories?

      I do believe he is mega-rich.
    16. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      yet you're still here chipping in your worthless unsolicited drivel, for what? nowt better to do??

      maybe this david moron will finally wipe the scales from his eyes and jack this pointless tedium in once and for all, there aint no morrissey fans left here for sure!
      or just re title it joyce solo.com leave all the jealous dumb fucks to it.
    17. slug
      This situation makes me, in equal parts, sad and angry.

      I don't come to this site often. I used to visit everyday, multiple times a day. I stopped coming here regularly around 2006 (I think). I stopped coming to this site for a few reasons:
      • The negative comments and personal attacks about me bothered me
      • I had less time and more responsibilities to deal with in the "real world"
      • I didn't listen to Moz's music as much. As soon as I got a mortgage, I had less time / interest in all music not just Morrissey.
      • Moz's music didn't compel me or mean as much to me now that I'm in my 30's as it did when I was a teenager. I'm no longer sad and lonely!

      Having run the now defunct MorrisseyTour.com for 7 years I have some insight into what it's like to run a Morrissey fan site. There were times when I've had to separate my feelings for Moz as a musician from him as a person.

      The occasions that I have met Morrissey have been nothing less than awesome. Morrissey and his tour personnel were very kind to my friends and I during the 1999 and 2002 tour. For that I am thankful.

      I don't know what part Hugh played in this? I would guess that there's a lot to this story that most of us don't know. Having known him since 99 (dubbing him "The Scottish Dog Guy") he's a nice affable guy. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'd like to think he's someone who would do the right thing.

      Having met David T many times and corresponding with him over the years I can honestly say that he's such a nice guy. Quiet and unassuming; just a nice person in general. It saddens me to hear that he would get chucked out of a Morrissey show and banned for life. I feel like there was some sort of synapse? I don't understand why he would get banned? What's was the precipitous?

      I know there are some really shitty comments & commentators on this board. When I couldn't take enough I left. I didn't get mad. I didn't blame David T. I simply vanished. What's the point in sticking around if you don't like the smell?

      I hope that there's a positive resolution for everyone in this situation. I don't want Morrissey to be unhappy nor do I want David to be banned.

      Thanks for listening,
    18. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      I think someone he knows does read comments on here and tells him what people are saying, because sometimes he makes references to things that people are commenting on here like recently "your not saying much".
    19. Anonymous
      " The person responsible for the cripplingly unfunny fake 'Morrissey' blog is Walter Ego, failed journalist, friend of Uncleskinny (surprise surprise) and all round Tseng arse-licker on the forums.
      http://www.morrissey-solo.com/members/7515-Walter-Ego (Theo. C. Coupier)

      Twittering on:

      Here he admits (braves about) thats he is the one bullying Morrissey on Morrissey-solo.com:

      http://twitter.com/banjaxer/status/90528926841044992 "

      Troll post.
    20. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      I agree with you as well!! Morrissey is and always will be the best EVER!!!! Despite anything.

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