"Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guardian Music Blog

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By Uncleskinny on Jul 14, 2011 at 5:23 PM
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    Found this in The Guardian website...

    Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it? by Stephen Kelly - The Guardian Music Blog
    After a 5,000-mile trip from LA to Copenhagen, a Morrissey fansite owner was looking forward to seeing his favourite artist in concert. Instead he was refused entry and given a lifetime ban
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    1. Anonymous
      I dont think David Tseng can be blamed for the fact that many of the fans Morrissey attracts have a lot of pent up and free-floating anger and hate. That's a reflection of Morrissey himself (or at least one side of him), not a reflection of David Tseng.

      Morrissey fans can seem nice enough in person, but online they often become monsters. This was true of every Morrissey online forum that was not strictly controlled. It was true before this site existed, back in the days of Usenet. It was true back in the days of AOL message boards. This site used have a lot more nasty stuff going on back before the moderators worked hard to put the sickest and most infamous trolls in check.

      People might criticize Tseng's approach in terms of some of the news items he gives an airing to and the level of free speech he permits. But his approach has always been principled. He simply likes freedom of speech a lot more than Morrissey and Boz Boorer do. With freedom of speech comes some ugly and wrong stuff. But, if you consider the alterntive approaches to Morrissey fan sites over the years, this one has been the best for the fans. And that's who a fan site is for. Boz Boorer says that this is not a fan site, yet the fact is that the majority of people who buy Morrissey records use this site to one degree or another.

      Sorry if Boz Boorer couldn't handle that not everyone is going to love the new stuff. If he were confident in the quality of the news songs, why would it bother him so much?
    2. Anonymous
      The previous comment is absolutely correct.
      Morrissey goes onstage with him and band all wearing fuck morrissey-solo t-shirts and almost every member of the audience must have used this website.

      David Tseng has done more for Morrissey than almost any person in the world. And he treats him like this.

      There are very few Pop stars or famous people who become so isolated from reality as he has become.
    3. oscillate mildly
      oscillate mildly
      I've been here since the inception of this site. I have never really felt the need to comment on here much. But at last i find my self wanting to share some thoughts.......

      Over the last few years alot of pussies have began to post anonymous garbage which has pretty turned this site into shit. Yes i agree free speech is free speech. But it is so distasteful for so many haters to feel the need to chime in. Do you really have that much time in your life to type in morrissey-solo.com ? I dont get the self fulfillment one gets to share your hate.

      As far as morrissey and his progress over the last years...... Im increasingly getting dismayed by such a caring,sensitive, intelligent man. How can he disseminate something that had good intentions from the get go? Morrissey-solo has been just about the only site that has truly tied all us fans together over the last 15 years. All of sudden its the rats ass of hell. Unless im mistaken, this is not david t's fault. To ban him is a bit harsh.

      Overall, this is a reflection of morrissey's attitude and general temperment with regard to those who are not on his idyllic mindset. I am starting to feel like he is falling off. You know, like those old coots who run their mouths about societies ill fate and all that negative crap that comes with it. Oh yeah, the word is called being senile. (I feel bad that i am tossing that word out there..........)
      : (

      Lastly, yes im still and always will be a diehard fan. Shit, im still clicking on this site everyday regardless of how boring some of the updates are........

      spare me, grammar nazis
    4. Anonymous
      If Morrissey is such a cunt, why don't you all go and find something else to occupy your lives with? Some of you are borderline stalker - he doesn't love me any more, after all I've done for him, I'll kill the selfish bastard.
    5. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      I love it when people answer their own comments. Hilarious.
    6. Anonymous
      Moz lost it a long time ago. I really do dread a new album of even weaker songs than those on the very mediocre 'Years of Refusal'. It would take a genius producer to do anything with that dreadful material he aired on Janice Long. Time to retire, darling...
    7. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      I still check the news on this site because it's still interesting to see what's going on in the world of Morrissey. Also, there's still the hope he'll focus his talents on another fine album.

      But, thankfully, there are always new artists to check out while Morrissey is busy peddling pointless compilations like "Swords" and being an a-hole.

      As I was browsing the news here, I was also downloading the debut album of a terrific new band called Hurricane Roses. The singer proves Morrissey wrong about there being a lack of females who can deliver a song without the help of frenzied dancers. Check 'em out on Facebook (where they give you a free sng to download): http://www.facebook.com/hurricanerosesband#!/hurricanerosesband?sk=app_178091127385
    8. Vaniljvodka
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      I would not want it any other way. Morrissey has to decide for himself. And since his catalog is so impeccable I've seldom seen him fail with a setlist. I've seen so many older artists over the years choosing the wrong songs over and over again when they go on tour. Morrissey seldom does.

      And as for Michael Bublé-criticism - really, you care about that? Do you like every kind of music? I for one was glad to see The Black Eyed Peas announcing their split the other day.

      The difference between saying something mildly evil about Bublé in an interview and anonymously calling people idiots on the internet is large.
    9. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Clearly, I didn't mean you.
    10. ClintBoon
      Not read this crap but please tell me there aren't any people still backing up Morrissey.
    11. oliver
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      He doesn't run a site dedicated to those people, does he?
    12. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      I do. But i hope this means that i will be able to get closer to the front when i go to see Morrissey next!!
    13. ClintBoon
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Most likely, can only sell couple of hundred tickets nowadays
    14. freckle
      I doubt that the security team keep pictures of David T on the inside of their lockers for ready reference.

      Surely there is something darker afoot.

      It may be worth noting that sainted superfan, J Riley, has recently recruited herself to the position of M's Head of Security, and likes to cleanse the audience of 'undesirable' elements.

      No-one is safe.
    15. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      No, it was Hugh (Morrissey the 23rd) who spoke to security and helped them identify davidt. He openly spoke about it all on Facebook.
    16. Anonymous
      I'm of the opinion that Morrissey lost it quite some time ago..maybe in the early 90s. Most of his really interesting art was in the first years of the Smiths, some good songs when he first went solo. Classics of the '80s alt-rock genre, the kind of stuff some of us grew up with. Nowadays he is just a workman musician singing for his supper, an aging has-been parody of the sort he even MOCKED decades ago in his prime. This site was a major help in getting him back on the map in the early 2000s. He really lost me when he started doing Smiths songs a few years ago, whole setlists of them...it was more depressing than any of the songs on the first (and best) Smiths album
    17. Gennissey
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      But, the thing is, there really isn't ANY difference between the two. In both cases, it's people expressing an opinion. It's just that one of them happens to be Morrissey. And, in both cases, there is needless insult and negativity.

      I think we can agree that no one could--or should--stop Morrissey or anyone else from creating a blog or website and using that to share whatever thoughts and opinions they have. You can say what you like in your own home.

      Billboard.com is a site about music. They were happy to provide a place for Morrissey to speak, and, while doing so, Moz apparently felt the need to insult Michael Bublé. Fair enough. He can think and say what he likes. And I really respect him for doing so.

      But it goes both ways, and Morrissey doesn't like that. Not when the bitchiness and negativity is directed at him. (I don't blame him there. The nastiness hurts. But you do tend to get back what you toss out there, so if you're wanting people to be a bit kinder, a bit gentler, then maybe you should put more of that out there. . . . )

      Solo is a site ABOUT Morrissey, not FOR Morrissey. It's not a promotional tool, like itsmorrisseysworld.com or his official MySpace or Facebook pages. It's a place where people can gather to share their opinions--good, bad, and indifferent--about Morrissey and his music. I don't particularly care for the way David runs it, but it's his place, his rules--I get that. He and his moderators are essentially equivalent to the editorial staff at Billboard.com in that they get to decide what content goes up and what doesn't.

      If DavidT were making threats against Morrissey or the band, if he'd arrived at the venue intent on stirring up trouble, then, sure, it would be necessary to ask him to leave or have him forcibly removed if he put up a fight. But arriving in a peaceable manner to watch a show from a balcony seat, only to be escorted out by Moz's security people? I've seen people brawling over shirts, bloodying people whose only offense was standing in a crowd to see Morrissey. I saw a guy get his tooth knocked out in a shouting match over who had the right to stand at the rail. THAT'S dangerous. This? This is just ridiculous.

      If Morrissey doesn't want DavidT at his shows, that's his prerogative (and I really do believe he has the right to exclude anyone he wants for whatever reason he may have), but he should have handled this like an adult instead of kicking him out and then having someone issue a statement to the press. He's made himself look like a 52 year old child. It's so sad. It makes it difficult for people--Morrissey included--to focus on the music (getting a record deal, etc.), and not the antics.
    18. Anonymous
      Hugh Clark ??? Do people on here really think that Hugh has a direct link to Morrissey?? I dont think for one minute that Hugh was able to contact his people regarding David T.

      This site is not policed and to many negative things have been said about Morrissey over recent years. The buck stops with David T right or wrong.

      Was it right for him to get chucked out??, im not so sure. the fact he was just shows how much Morrissey hates this site.

      After the T Shirt incident a few weeks back, why would David T still want to travel 5,000 miles knowing what Morrissey thought of him and this site?

      I went to last nights show with my husband and his sister and whilst we were waiting in the que, she pointed out Morrissey's security men who were visualy checking the people in the que. Maybe, and only maybe they were keeping an eye out for David T ??
    19. Anonymous
      Isn't this a case of all publicity is good publicity?

      The more he gets in the news the better for him?

      I have never understood people who go on a site just to post hatred and bile. Very sad lives if you have nothing better to do.

      By the same token the number of complete arse lickers is also completely sickening.

      I am a lifelong fan and in general like most of the material. I did however think that ROTT was poor. I loved YOR but hated kids a looker. Opinions are just that.

      Banning people from gigs to be honest is just childish
    20. Anonymous
      This is so sad. The old morrissey-solo would be organizing for the old man to get a new record deal, getting friends into his music. and getting him played on the radio, I've been coming here since around 1998-99. Remember when we tried to get MTV's TRL to run a Morrissey video?

      But a few of you don't like the new songs. I disagree with your assessment but this is all a matter of taste. Rather then calling for his retirement or wishing him doom, why don't you encourage him to release new material? Maybe you will like it better than poor sound quality versions heard on youtube. If the snippet from the new song and the reactions from the forums are of any indication, there is gold to be found even if you weren't thrilled with the first three cuts.

      He is not going to ruin his "legacy" or ruin your enjoyment of the records if he releases a bad one (which I doubt he will do anyway). David Bowie hasn't released a decent about since 1980 and that hasn't tarnished him. For Christ sake, people were calling for his retirement when Kill Uncle came out. And ROTT and YOR are loads better than that record.

      I also see no point in trying to get Jesse out of the band (I personally love the deep growl of his guitar work and think some of songs (e.g. You have Killed Me) have been top notch. Regardless, Morrissey is NOT going to listen to you. When Boz and the lads were brought on, the media sad they were just pretty boys who couldn't play a tune. Read the reviews from back then. The man sticks to his guns, whether you or the media likes it.

      Marr is not coming back nearly twenty five years on. That collaboration was like lightning in the bottle. But any man who could write Now My Heart is Full (i.e. Boz) has my eternal respect.

      Two more things to get off my chest: (1) I don't like Morrissey's politics--that doesn't mean I don't like his music. I look to political and civil rights heroes for that inspiration. I enjoy his music and the wonderful taste he has in books, music and movies. If you don't like the releases, reissues or whathaves you, the loudest word is not to buy them. He (or his record company) will stop making them. Whining will not.

      (2) As to kicking David T out and the T-Shirt, I can't say that I blame him. This website has shown where he lives, whom (he may be) sleeping with, his business associates, etc.--not to mention attacks on him physically and professionally. No one deserves this. And this doesn't even get into the rampant piracy on this website which has been tolerated. David T has done some great work in setting up this community (especially with the news) but without an adequate cop on the beat the place becomes an echo chamber of loudmouths who get satisfaction for showing how great their disdain is.

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