"Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guardian Music Blog

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By Uncleskinny on Jul 14, 2011 at 5:23 PM
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    Found this in The Guardian website...

    Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it? by Stephen Kelly - The Guardian Music Blog
    After a 5,000-mile trip from LA to Copenhagen, a Morrissey fansite owner was looking forward to seeing his favourite artist in concert. Instead he was refused entry and given a lifetime ban
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    1. Anonymous
      Finally lost it? Or finally had enough of being fucked over and continually bitched about. There's criticism, there's constructive criticism and then there's downright nastiness.
    2. Anonymous
      To answer the question - yes. Yes, he has.
    3. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Why don't you get a life? You've been here all day typing this nonsense, claiming poor old Mozza is the victim of (yet another) evil conspiracy - this time run by his fansite and its owner David who has been dedicated to online Moz fandom for 15 years without receiving more than a few thousand dollars (at most) for all his efforts.

      Morrissey may have a hard time understanding the world - it's far easier for him to imagine a grotesque conspiracy against his person, involving journos, QCs, former band members and now fans; but any sober-minded person can see there is no such thing. The fans - prior to the past few days - were criticising Jesse, saying he deserves a better band and griping about some of his new songs. Nothing nasty or spiteful about Morrissey. Now that Morrissey has turned against his own fans in this ill-judged fashion, a few of them are criticising him. To be honest, I think he's earned it.
    4. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Well actually Morrissey constantly bitches, slags people off in interviews(and can be nasty) so he is being quite a hypocrite, like tseng says he leaves the comments to the fans plus theres haters(freedom of speach) if morrissey was in charge of this site he would filter any constructive critisim, Moz can't take critisism(its the end of the world to him) but always dishes it out thats the problem here, in the 80's he would have slaughtered the likes of jesse he would have never had him in the band. im not here to hate i am a fan and i think its a shame how much he has gone down hill musically, and the fact that he has become everything he is apparently against.
    5. Anonymous
      Interviewer: "You have such an extensive catalog, and obviously your fans have very strong opinions about what songs they want to hear from you in concert. How do you decide which older songs to work into your setlists?"

      M: "It's a self-regarding gesture. I would find the idea of compiling a set-list that doesn't wildly excite me to be too restricting. The fire in the belly is essential, otherwise you become Michael Buble -- famous and meaningless."

      How is that any different from the comments Morrissey so despises on this site? Morrissey is an old washed-up has-been, Morrissey is bitter and spiteful, Morrissey can't write meaningful songs anymore because he's a self-pitying millionaire narcissistc surrounded by mediocre yes-men. Sure, the criticisms of Mozza are more stylishly delivered, but they're the same in principle as his criticisms of the dire Buble.
    6. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Before this present firestorm, I would say that by in large, the criticism on solo has been fair and posted respectfully.

      Yes, there are troublemakers (most sites have them) but they are few and far between and yes there are the random minor shots at Moz's age or hair or waistline (Boz's too) but those things are not serious and not in anger (no, I do not partake in that stuff).

      I'd say the reactions to fairly stated and well mannered criticism has been extremely harsh over the years. It's the people who feel Morrissey can do no wrong (which is ridiculous) or applaud positively Anything he puts out (no matter how poor it may be) that seem to be the angry hateful ones. It's as if the Morrissey apologists want to actually stab you if you say something like "People Are The Same Everywhere is not a good song".

      It is only after all this DavidT stuff happened that things have gotten extremely nasty and hateful. It's not the usual thing around here.

      If everything was rainbows and candy canes on Morrissey-solo, do you have any idea of how boring that would be?

      Keep shaking it up with thoughts, ideas and opinions. Exchange posts (positive AND negative). It's what makes the internet satisfying.
    7. Anonymous
      I think this is going to run and run till Moz makes some kind of statement himself. Has he lost it? maybe he has, it's all very interesting though isn't it.
    8. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

    9. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Absolutely GREAT post. That sums up everything.

      Well done.
    10. Anonymous
      Moz shot the messenger.

      Don R.
      Okc, OK
    11. Anonymous
      Why is he a totally cunt
    12. LhpT
      Michael Buble is reeeeeallllyyyy dull though
    13. molly mae morrissey
      molly mae morrissey
      Hey MOZ: Your not right in the head, nor am I & this is why I love you...david g. p.s. Please remember, as you read this, Elvis & Sinatra had their tuff times...And yes, you ARE in their league, they are your peers. Come on Morrissey, head up, chest out, keep going...just as you've always one. Your the best out there, when one looks around for talent, established stardom, fame, fortune and all those truly wonderful songs...all of it. You made it, long ago and we love you for it. Thank you very much for some of the brightest moments in our lives. Love ya Moz...molly
    14. Wozzles
      hugh clark should be paraded into town in an ox cart and be urinated on by police horses.

      the yes men should have their pay docked and be given two weeks vacation and a gift certificate to the nearest vipissana outlet so that they may, for ten days, sit quietly with their stupidity, and emerge as better humans.
    15. Anonymous
      Re: Article: "Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guard

      Yes, bravo.
    16. Anonymous
      Why did Tseng fly 5000 miles for this show? Could easily just slink into an LA show on the next US tour.
    17. Anonymous
    18. thedude77md
      I for one cannot wait for Moz's eventual post via Julia on True to You regarding all this. Should be quite entertaining as the man has obviously lost it (and not just b/c of the David T thing, the searching concert goers for meat, lack of record label, etc.).
    19. Anonymous
      Morrissey hasn't finally lost it. He lost it a long time ago. He is an egomaiac of the most obscene kind. He despises anything and everybody who doesn't pander to him. He sees himself as a God.

      He's a fucking nutter and he needs help.

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