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lol, i do enjoy your posts, you know! i regret that i never give them the attention they deserve because they're simply too wordy (as intended, im sure), but i feel certain that if i didnt learn something about morrissey from them i could for sure learn something about stylistic flamboyance (sometimes ill read a line of yours and think "im gonna remember that and use it somewhere else!!")

for the record, i think you're less guilty of this weirdness i speak of because you seem to think morrissey has wronged a great number of people and so theres more of a sense of a call for justice to your posts, alongside the petty vindictiveness also sensed in your posts (which may or may not be justifiable based on your supposed personal interactions with him). but with, say, nerak (vex) who is on here daily, defending and guessing at and explaining to all and sundry his behaviour (and who has made herself traceable to him should he wish to contact her), it's a bit weirder. because, like, what does she imagine could possibly be in it for her? and if you dont even know a person, what is the point of analyzing their behaviour? you dont have all the pieces to work out the puzzle. or maybe nerak thinks she alone can understand him? i mean, however it is, it's embarrassing. im literally embarrassed for her.

and i mean, if you do it once in a while, the way, once in a while, i will defend michael jackson against the hideous allegations made against him, then okay. but doing it every single day, going round and round the same arguments, as these broads do? doesnt that get a bit boring? unlike you, they've never even known him. the fact that you may have actually known him gives your posts a different flavour. as well, your posts are entertaining, and i sense you enjoy writing them, so they actually have some point.

anyway, thats all im saying.

also the side eye was because you said your dads bus driver mates loved you, and i thought it sounded funny. teehee. :lbf:

also, since you're so flush, can i have some money???? Zoom meeting has been rescheduled to 23:00 hrs UTC so I thought I'd pop back for another wee chat. There's a LOT to unpack in your comment, but I'm not going to do that... I'm aware there is some kind of 'Praetorian Guard' here who imagine they can 'save Morrissey from the haters' or some such drivel. There always has been. I don't need to pay attention to such people other than to calmly observe their banalities and move on. I have taken on board the observation that my prose style is perhaps out of kilter with the modern style associated with online discourse, but I really couldn't give a toss. I have absolutely no investment in seeking any kind of approval from anybody. I glance at threads here many days but rarely do a deep dive. Today I had some time and was somewhat bored and I found it highly energising to crank up my thought processes on popular culture and this specimen entertainer trading as 'Morrissey'.

Why would it matter in the slightest if some poster has made themselves known to Morrissey by whatever method? What is going to do? Turn up at their abode with flowers and cake? Or a water pistol. I very much doubt he'd be so foolish as to engage with any of the inmates of this 'creche' in 'real life' as to do so would grant this site further legitimacy when he seeks to have it destroyed if possible. That night he wore the 'FcUK Morrissey-Solo' t-shirts gave the game away. He reads all this and he wails and weeps and gnashes his teeth and demands his flunkies 'do something'. Like what? Kidnap and rendition critics to Gitmo? No doubt they pander to his paranoias and persecution complexes but why would anyone here give a damn? He has chosen to be a public figure. If he's so wishy-washy that he actually doesn't understand that online commentary is just a ludicrous displacement activity for most people then he is more bonkers than I have surmised to date.

I did have affairs with some of my Dad's mates but that's a whole other plot-line in my infinitely fascinating 'back-story'.

I have enjoyed engaging with you 'rifke'.

best wishes



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brummie let the laptop batteries run down and go and watch tv,and for anybody who is annoyed by his posts just scroll on by,thats what i do.
My laptop battery is fully charged. I don't watch television programmes.

Your further advices are entirely sensible. I do hope other members of this 'community' will adhere to the protocol you outline.


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You're very gracious with the mods. I think we do have a "useful idiot" on board. Amazing how nobody noticed. Must be due to the abundance of intelligence on this site. :rofl:also, "moderator" is like "waiter" nowadays, nobody wants to do it, so whoever wants to do it is hired on the spot.

"The thread was about ranking radio airplay"::ROFLMAO:priceless!
oh sorry, Mod, is that what this thread was about? I thought it was about ranking MoronCentral posts, and that one was defo in my top ten!

Don't know about that...My dinners are much more organized than his posts...:lbf:
The Mod who was impertinent and attempted to lure me into a confrontation is clearly troubled. That's none of my business. I'm not responsible for them hallucinating non-existent sub-rules of the T.O.S. I was warned by this entity that I face an immediate ban if I share their ludicrous attempt at intimidation. The trouble began when I opened a thread to note that Morrissey wasn't commenting on Ukraine which seemed somewhat strange given all that Ottawa guff. I got a bizarre communication from this 'Mod' who was clearly highly energized such that they thought it wise to give me advice on my prose styling. Reader, how do you think that worked out? The initial thread opener was moved to some obscure dungeon thread which I can't now be arsed to find, and another attempt was then made to engage me in unwanted, uninteresting dialogue. I terminated the 'conversation' with slightly quizzical indifference. I experienced all this as a crude attempt to intimidate me. I don't respond to such nonsense, I just ignore jobsworths. My advice to this entity is that they should report to the office of The Kremlin Censor Bureau here at and explain themselves to the site proprietor. I have absolutely no intention of feeding their 'drama' but I thought it might be prudent to present some details in case others have faced similar harassments. It's very clear that some residual 'true believers' here are extremely upset by my refusal to take their tin pot idol seriously, and that they hope to goad me into some sort of firefight. Not going to happen. I have better things to do. I hope this uncomfortable 'feedback' helps the troops in the Moderation bunker come to terms with what appears to be unconscious censorship attempts, confirmation bias and inelegant communication methods and they can enter into a healing group therapy situation going forward.

With every good wish


vegan cro spirit .888

My laptop battery is fully charged. I don't watch television programmes.

Your further advices are entirely sensible. I do hope other members of this 'community' will adhere to the protocol you outline.

the nutter posting as a divine christian commie nerd🦮 is fascinated by your posts as if they were a shiny bouncy toy🦴🦴
keep the nutter occupied and off the legitimate threads❌



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both for the people defending and the people criticizing him, dont you realize that it's really weird to analyze another person this way?

like, who could possibly care that much?

just f***ing get on with your life

fan sites are weird, right?


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Dear Readers

It seems like this Zoom meeting has been cancelled.
How disappointing!
Oh well. I suppose I could blame it on some conspiracy to stop me discussing Ukraine with Canuck scholars but that would probably be overtly delusional. Has Morrissey stopped posting nonsense about Ottawa now? Did anyone figure out why he started in the first place?

I look forward to engaging with you all again as and when The Muses prompt me to return here.
I see your weekend pass from the sanatorium has expired.



Do you have any evidence to back up your claim that this singer is 'gutted about what's happening in Ukraine? He was only interested in the Maidan Orange Revolution as a colourful accessory backdrop to his ludicrous wailing attempt to 'connect with politics'. He probably got Russell Brand to check the lyrics as 'empathetic' but they're pathetic. He is saving his 'controversialist contrarian' trolling on the war until it feeds the publicity machine for his next album release. Then he'll make some absurdly provocative statement about how animals are suffering in the war and nobody cares about Ukrainian Cats because they are sociopaths, or something like that. He has zero interest in 'current affairs' other than to use them to weaponise his publicity and pivot eyeballs from the issues in discussion to him so that the discussion becomes about Morrissey.

"How can I turn the mass panic about this war to my advantage so that people realise I have a new album out? What can I say that will infuriate and distress 'clueless consumers' so that my disturbed 'fans' continue to believe I am an Outsider-Radical Artist, not a money-grabbing charlatan?"

I agree to an extent but I think he actually uses the album release as an excuse to get attention for the trolling comments rather than the other way. There is a clear pattern at least since @2007 with the NME interview/libel suit of making the absurdly provocative statements while "promoting" a new record but it doesn't work in terms of sales and I think he must be aware of this.
My theory is that it's a type of self-sabotage and that he's far more interested in being famous for these statements than he is in having people buy the latest collection of songs.


No, there isn't really, but History will remember that when the world was concerned about air strikes, Morrissey was concerned about airplay.

He and a first class dourak in his entourage.

And I think if you visit some of the places in his "good countries" list, and turn on the radio, you might be sorely disappointed. ":eek:"

Well he could have written to the Eurovision committee to assk them to bar Russia from the contest, but looks like they got the idea without his help, so now he's out of ideas.

well written and probably very true.

He's such a fraud he's capable of self analysis (with a lot of help from charitable Christians like you and I :lbf:), but just to write lyrics, not work on himself.

A most despicable trait, if you ask me. He's not just a dourak, he's a very disingenuous dourak. Probably thinks himself very clever for being like that, too. :rolleyes:

and Goodness, no, westies won't support him either! They're much too cute!!!
Airstrikes/airplay! I'll be surprised if he doesn't steal that for a lyric.


Okay, Boomerrissey.
Airstrikes/airplay! I'll be surprised if he doesn't steal that for a lyric.

Don't tempt him...He's done it before ...:rolleyes: ( you're right it does sound like a crap M lyric. Oh God. I can do better than that surely.)

Although, you know, I bet every time he steals something and uses it for personal gain, in his mind he sees it as a "tribute". :straightface:
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