THPGU on itunes??


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Is anybody aware as to whther the new single is going to be on there. At the minute the video is available, but not the song!

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It is available in the austrian store, but the b-side is a live version of That's How People Grow Up (and it already appeared on friday or saturday).


i bought it earlier,the b side is a live version at the hollywood bowl!!

You mean bought it online?

man there must be some serious forces not wanting me to get this though haha i cant buy from the uk itunes because my credit card "isn't valid" there, and the australian one doesn't stock it .. even in cyber space Moz manages to avoid australia :p


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nevermind itunes as if 7digital don't have the b-sides for download. well miffed. wanted to get download thats how & boy with a thorn (instead of havin to buy a vinyl and play it at my grandma's).


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THPGU vinyl b-sides not on iTunes UK! :o(

Hi all,
Just wondering if anybody has found somewhere we can download the live b-sides from the vinyl versions of the new single?
I seem to remember that Speedway was on the vinyl-only version of "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy", & iTunes had that, but not these latest ones.
I'd particularly like to get "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". Love that song!

Oh, and I have searched around (unsuccessfully), so I HAVE tried to find out for myself!!!:)


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humm...I just got this msg from amazon:

We are sorry to report that the following items have been delayed:

Morrissey (Artist) "That's How People Grow Up [Single]" [Audio CD]
Estimated arrival date: 14/02/08 - 26/02/08

So, does that mean they are out of stock? OR THE SINGLES are not available yet?? :confused: :(


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Where can I legally download the 2 new Moz songs?

I checked the iTunes store and they don't have All You Need Is Me or That's How People Grow Up. I have no need to buy the rest of the Greatest Hits cd since I have all the other songs. Anyone?


I thought it was March 25th.


That's the end of March, as far as I'm concerned.

<Buzzetta>I checked several calendars to be sure. Three out of five calendars agreed you with you so naturally I defied those three and went with the two.</Buzzetta>

Oh yeah you're right...
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