Morrissey Central "THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIEND" (December 13, 2021)



Wot the literal, actual f***ity f***wit f*** is this arseholery crapola?

í know, í know, it's serious: the new LP sleeve redesign. The fountain of youth turned out to be a bonfire of teenagers. Oh Well...

Clearly Sam just ran Moz’s face through that facetune app and like most boomers Morrissey was absolutely astounded by it and wanted to post it on his Facebook.
What a impression!!! I say I'm impressed by the two photos but the one of the child more,mm I think with Moz is fine
It is the mini Morrissey with phototype between 4 and 5 according to the Fitzpatrick scale!!!!
i would adopt this morrissey child
Can you imagine all the fun you could have asking baby Moz questions?
Are you still ill? Will we go back to the old house? Stop being such a boy racer on that tricycle! Go to bed - that light has to go out sometime! They're only spots, when will you accept yourself? The more you ignore me, the closer to a spanking you'll get. Used to be a sweet boy, now he's a sweet and tender hooligan teenage dad on his ganglord estate.
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