Those “French Mixes” of WPINOYB songs


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Some of you might remember this, some might not. But given we know they exist, surely Sam can get these out there for us now?

I’ve always been especially intrigued by the Smiler With Knife French mix. Love that song. I wonder if they all sound drastically different to the album versions? —


On 8 January 2015, Morrissey advised fans that a 45 of "The Bullfighter Dies" was scheduled for a global release by Harvest, but was scrapped by Steve Barnett at the last minute. The B-side was to be the original French mix of the song "One of Our Own".[14]Further vinyl singles, including "Istanbul", "Kiss Me A Lot" and "Neal Cassady Drops Dead" were to include other French mixes of several songs as their B-sides: "Scandinavia", "Smiler With Knife" and "Art-hounds", and were available to pre-order from However, these were also presumably scrapped.[15] The album was still officially available for digital download via online music stores; but stopped getting supported after the drop.

Famous when dead

Off-site wiki!?
I took French mix to mean the take (given the recording studio) prior to being finished elsewhere.
As Amazon got to list it - it would lend weight to being 'pulled', but nothing other than .jpgs support the idea and zero else tangible.

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