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yes I am blind
So the recent tour is amazing. But what's the name of it? :-x

It really feels like a mix between 'The World of Morrissey' 'Louder than Bombs' and 'Strange Ways'

Jack the Ripper
The Loop
Billy Budd
The Last of the Famous International Playboys
Whatever Happens I love you

Last Night I dreamnt
Stop Me if You think You've heard this one before
The Death of a Disco Dancer

stretch out and wait
please please please let me get what i want


Forever Ill
Greatest Hits Tour

at least that was it called officially, and I mean specifacly his 4rth/last
leg since the release of ROTT

[unfortunaly only USA]


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I cant believe he isnt at least playing 2 or 3 big gigs in the Uk with this current setlist. I am gutted! We had the early part of this tour with 7 or 8 ROTT songs although the GMEX gigs at xmas were a bit more varied but still had 5/6 from ROTT.
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