this site is so hypocrtical


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Re: The positivity on this site is terrible

This is an example of what sucks about this forum. Some humorless and control-freak moderator merged three threads into each other and shifted them into this "Site Feedback" section. Why don't you leave us alone?

I wanna know who the moderator was who merged these threads together and shifted them into this "Site feedback" desert?

You've destroyed this forum. I thought the creator of the "The positivity of this site is terrible" thread was pretty funny. But then that thead was merged and shifted away.

Is Kewpie still a moderator here? That's something she would do. Who did it?


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Re: The positivity on this site is terrible

Just because some moderator has the power to merge threads into each other and shift them about doesn't mean they should look for every possible chance to use those powers.

Exercise some effing discretion, you moron moderators. You're a bunch of control freaks.


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Re: for your interest

Do you know how to spell MORRISSEY's name?
It has two s, not one.

Although the site administrator and majority of the site users love Morrissey, but it does not have to glorify him.
Site administrator generously offers the place to the users to discuss all aspects of Morrissey freely.

I'm also fed up with some particular users who keep criticising his latest work, but you have a choice either ignore or challenge them.

I don't know if Kewpie is still a moderator. She was the last I checked.

Shortly after she voiced how "fed up" she is with particular users who have a different opinions from her own, the threads that annoyed her were merged and shifted away.

The polite form of censorship typical of these control-freak moderators. She says you can choose to ignore or challenge, but in the end her intolerance won out and the threads in question were removed from sight.
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