"This Is Morrissey" t-shirt bundle & pre-orders now available - Mporium UK

Discussion in 'Marketplace archive (read-only)' started by Famous when dead, Jun 19, 2018.

By Famous when dead on Jun 19, 2018 at 12:35 PM
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Discussion in 'Marketplace archive (read-only)' started by Famous when dead, Jun 19, 2018.

    1. 001
      Terrible t-shirt and cover but the records are great so who cares! :)
    2. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      I think the Cover is great. Hark's back to classic 60's covers.
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    3. Sheila Smith
      Sheila Smith
      Most Morrissey t-shirts are awful. No thanks! And personally... Not sure I want to spend money in ANOTHER compilation when I already have all those songs and after the very awful things he has been saying.
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    4. Anonymous
      Then don’t buy it. Simple.
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    5. Anonymous
      Yes, as said below..... if you dont like it then dont buy it and go and listen to Ed Sheeran instead. He's a nice boy who doesnt say anything controversial.
    6. Anonymous
      Utterly indefensible in it's awfulness, worthless, a badly designed piss take that turns valuable songs into clumps of belly button lint!
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    7. Eldritch
      I wonder if in the process of "curating" this turkey Morrissey has even listened to all the tracks in succession to see whether they flow. Of all the pointless compilations he has released, this might be the most bizarre, since he genuinely seems to push this as a proper release. Something like this should be discreetly slipped into shops, the bastard offspring of a delusional artist.
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    8. Anonymous
      Lovely new Pat Boone collection!
    9. AztecCamera
      I reckon no one in the USA or even Moz Angeles would buy this. This is why the focus is now on the uk and those weird Nazi countries since Uncle Steve's dream of the Vegas residency obviously is never going to happen even with all the strings Aunt Nancy pulled. He shits all over the uk and the old lady president of brittin and you people still buy his stuff and tickets m8 inn nn n n it. You don't see Steve talkin' all that shit about his President Trump. I reckon you don't bite the hand that feeds you m8.
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    10. Emotional Guide Dog
      Emotional Guide Dog
      I said other day that I was angrier about this cheap throw away compilation than his current political affiliations. I was joking. I am no longer joking. What a pile of crap!
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    11. g23
      Harks back to the early 2000s when he didn't look like the love child of Herman Munster and a cat's arse
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    12. NealCassidy
      you can tell a lot about the 'care' by the quality of the packaging - wondering if this CD will come in a recycled toilet roll sleeve or not
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    13. countthree
      That photo of Morrissey is wonderful, so it's good material for a t-shirt.

      Angel is a wonderful song, a great advice too.
    14. Anonymous
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    15. Sheila Smith
      Sheila Smith
      You obviously don't read well. I said NO THANKS! I always put music first, no merchandising.
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    16. Sheila Smith
      Sheila Smith
      You might like Es Sheeran if you mention him. I didn't know of his existence until now. I have better ways to find music I like than listening to the fucking radio formula. And luckily, to meet the artists I like. I give my opinion as you give yours. And as I said music comes first!
    17. Anonymous
      Saying Awful things is within the law, as far as I know? Doing Awful things is not within the law, or is it? Seems to depend on who you are
    18. 669
      I'd buy this excellent package of Morrissey stuff regardless, but it makes me all the happier to support an artist who stands up for Freedom of Speech while it's under assault.
      Yes, Morrissey, it's a disgrace what they did to Tommy Robinson. A government that aids and abets rape gangs preying on thousands of girls but slams down a swift hammer of injustice on a man who simply speaks his mind about it (as is his God-given right) is a government that needs to go. #FreeTommy!!!
      The UK injustice system is apparently trying to murder Tommy.
      They're also trying to murder Julian Assange, whose health is failing while he's stuck in the embassy. I've not heard what Morrissey thinks of that, but I already know he finds that a disgrace as well because Morrissey is a good and principled person. Julian Assange has been silenced and is suffering, and the bad actors in the corrupt governments he was exposing want people to either forget about him or despise him while he's unable to respond to their lies. They won't smile till his truth-telling mouth is shut good and proper, forever!
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    19. bedlam breakout
      bedlam breakout
      no tag in the t shirt? sleeves look very short? made cheaply by immigrants or china by the looks of it

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