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Listen to "This Is Morrissey" and enjoy it. Think of it as a personal mix from Morrissey.
You know, the whole chart thing , Morrissey has seemed bothered by chart positions, he mentions it quite a bit. Obviously I'm not really talking about This Is Morrissey (if that's excluded) but in general. And all I want to say about the charts and Morrissey is this: who cares about the charts?? He's f***ING MORRISSEY, a complete legend. Has he seen the utter crap that actually fills the charts??? Charts don't matter to anyone with good taste! Morrissey 's place in music is secure and he doesn't need a top ten to prove how good his music is. I mean, we live in a world that gives awards to Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran sells millions. That crap doesn't matter....charts are all about bored teenagers on iTunes and publicity drives by record companies.

But when it comes to music, longevity, art, Mozza has nailed it. No matter what does or doesn't happen with his own chart positions.

Aha! now there speaks a true friend! Thank you!

Eddie Riff
Listen to "This Is Morrissey" and enjoy it. Think of it as a personal mix from Morrissey.
I have been all weekend and you know what its a really enjoyable listen.....classics mixed with songs I generally wouldnt have gone back to but am really enjoying hearing again....Like the Mael mix...nothing like as good as the original but a great alternative mix ....if only he could keep the gob shut on certain things it would really be great times...but then again this is a man who has songs titled "The Queen Is Dead", Margaret on the Guillotine" etc so its not that he hasnt form on controversial topics!!!
I got my CD copy of THIS IS MORRISSEY in the mail on Sunday. Wow, those poor Amazon delivery people actually have to work on Sundays. But it is an excellent compilation. Gives new life to the studio version of "Jack the Ripper", and keeps a handful of other tracks from being forgotten about. I guess the record label insists that all Morrissey comps must include "Sunday" and "Playboys" (fine songs but they are on every release). The rest are tracks hand-picked by our good man and it all works together as a nice mix of songs. RIP Lou Reed.
I guess I'll order the LP version to help make up for the bigots who are boycotting Morrissey because he doesn't want England to become an Islamic hellhole. Did you see in the news that a 3 year-old was the victim of an acid attack? Jesus.......
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