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On Friday 6 July Parlophone (Warner) release This Is Morrissey album.
On the same day, BMG release the single All The Young People Must Fall In Love, with Rose Garden as the B-side.The A-side is re-mixed by Bob Clearmountain.The B-side is live from The Grand ‘Ole Opry in Nashville.
Both releases are available on vinyl and as download.


Not a mock-up after all.
Odd track list - Satellite... and including the Mael mix!?

(7" not included in title as it has several separate threads already).

Posted by Famous when dead:

Update: June 4th.

This Is Morrissey will have a release on July 6th in the U.S.A on the Sire label.



UPDATE June 5:

As noted by NealCassidy and Famous when dead, the US version appears to have 3 fewer tracks (Missing: "Speedway", "Angel...", "Lucky Lisp"):

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Best of! Most of!
Satiate the need
Slip them into different sleeves!
Buy both, and feel deceived

No climber. No entry. No re-entry

World tour, Media whore? Yup

Carry on then.
In the past Morrissey has spoken fondly of old budget compilations, which had some hits, some album tracks and some b-sides. They were sold at a very cheap price and gave someone interested in the artist an overview of their stuff. The track selection was random in a way that no matter what the buyer might next, it's not spoiled by this compilation. It hardly translates to the current state of the music world though.
I wonder if Russell will refuse any royalties from a man whose views he doesn't understand/agree with.

Assuming that they receive some sort of payment from their mix that's included.

Unless you're some superstar DJ or EDM star, the remixer gets a flat fee for his effort. So I don't think the Maels will get anything out of this.
there is some good stuff on there,okay we all have these songs but a casual record buyer might take a chance on it and really enjoy it.love have a go and a very nice cover,wouldnt mind putting it in one of those 12x12 album fames,morrissey smiling whats not to like.
Of course, I'm going to purchase this baby for my little moz vinyl collection. I find the tracklist to be a little repetitious (yet doesn't matter I love the songs) that Cover Image alone makes up for it, Can't wait to see the complete product.
All songs from 1988-1995 except for the Maelmix and Satellite of Love.
Must be a rights-thing.
Again an useless compilation, just for the money...... :guitar:
You don't believe me.... Ok !

1988 - 2018
- Eleven albums
- Two Live albums
- thirteen compilation albums
No doubt he's spitting feathers about the Mael Mix being on there now. Lovely retro cover (and title), but as as many have said, it's hard to understand the point in this day and age. I do wonder whether the rather odd track selection is simply down to rights and royalties - either not wanting to pay certain people, or some tracks being cheaper than others.
Yes, extremely odd track listing. So, is this the first time any song from Kill Uncle (i.e., "Harsh Truth") is included on anything post-Kill Uncle?
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‘Best of’ tour? I thought the older songs were preferred ‘around here’...
It's a better effort that 'The World of Morrissey' and most of the other shit compilations he's put out to be fair and it looks like somebody has made an effort with the cover for a change too.
The only album 'The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye' should be on is 'The Very Worst of Morrissey'. It's perverse to include such a plodding, dire track on anything else. There are some decent tracks from this era - why this one?
Quite a quirky compilation. Great artwork.

Not sure why people get so bent out of shape over these things. Buy them, or don't.
Never one to be superficial - I'm sure he denied dying his hair in the past. It makes him look younger anyhow.
this is morrissey info
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