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These things happen because it's allowed. Lot's of people that think it's terrible probably believe that there is some necessary or at least useful goal to it. The truth is that the people that torture animals for science are the same type of people that torture animals for "fun."

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I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.


This shows that many times the human species is the worst on the planet, those barks freeze your blood

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This company also has a puppy farm near where I live. East Riding council refused permission for the farm to be set up so the company (then called 'Yorkshire Evergreen') appealed to the government who over-rode the local authority rejection and granted permission for the farm to go ahead. I remember the protests outside the council offices, all to no avail alas.



Excellent point
And now your point is to unload your hatred and all your resentment about Moz ,go ahead and what is your daily insult to Morrissey ,!!! ??. Why dedicate hours and hours to a man you hate?. You'll be at peace when you release Morrissey!!! Release it rip it off from you!!!!!!


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On a side note - Alex picks up stories from other sources & doesn't verify them. His only aim is viral content.

Tbf - that's most of the press these days. No budgets.
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