"This Charming Man" played live by Johnny Marr - 9th Dec. London

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kissmyshadestoo, Dec 9, 2018.

By kissmyshadestoo on Dec 9, 2018 at 10:32 PM
  1. kissmyshadestoo

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kissmyshadestoo, Dec 9, 2018.

    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      :lbf: :sleeping:

      Nope sorry, YOU already got that position covered.
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    2. Surface
      How’s that then? The only negative I have regarding Morrissey are his views on politics.
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    3. Surface
      And so, why all the negativity toward Marr, what gets in the way of you respecting that the Two of them have fantastic talent, One for his ability to write lyrics and singing and the other for guitar playing?
    4. vegan.cro.spirit 222
      vegan.cro.spirit 222

      thats for sure.
    5. vegan.cro.spirit 222
      vegan.cro.spirit 222
      he cant play a simple 1o second solo on the guitar. he cant sing that is obvious. he cant write decent songs.
      DramaJ is just a mess. hes good at being a C list celebrity and answering questions about Moz.:thumb:
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      But I DO respect Marr. But I don’t have any respect for folks that troll a Morrissey site everyday with their anti-Morrissey agenda.

      There is no logic behind coming onto a site of a person who’s band, recent music or views you do not like, THAT is called trolling. And to do so is INSANE :crazy:
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    7. Zoinks
    8. vegan.cro.spirit 222
      vegan.cro.spirit 222

      take off the :ear:plugs ffs.
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    9. ForgivemeJESUS
      Your kidding right, have you compared the attendance of each others concerts, matter of fact has Johnny even had a sell out yet
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    10. Sad Lad
      Sad Lad
      Why is Johnny trying to ruin The Smiths music? Truly sad.
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    11. vegan.cro.spirit 222
      vegan.cro.spirit 222
      a tribulation. the only explanation is that all the synthetics are blocking oxygen access to the brain cells.

      he sold out a couple of those 100 seaters hes been playing.:bow:
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    12. Anonymous
    13. spineless
      I'm not going to disparage JM, but there's this myth that every live Smiths performance was perfect. I think this may have been a matter of perception because the studio records were so well produced, you couldn't help but hear them in your head whenever they played live, even if it was a lacklustre performance. Perhaps if Solo records were better produced, and more attention given to small details and overdubs, it would change a lot of people's perceptions of the band's live performances because I think there are good tunes and adventurous chord changes there, but just not that well brought out in the production stage of recording.
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    14. Anonymous
      Here's a beautiful picture of Johnny's sold out show in Brighton. There's a lot more than 100 people here!

    15. Surface
      Manchester Apollo and Camden Roundhouse plus many others on his 53 date world tour.
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    16. Surface
      Manchester one is as well, great quality, Big Mouth sounds fantastic
    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      People like his solo efforts, that’s fine,his singing is passable. It’s very rare to be gifted
      with both an original voice and guitar playing/song writing. I just prefer and think Marr’s best work is working with people who
      have a vision, obviously his work with Morrissey, then after, Matt Johnson, Kirsty MacColl, and a single with Bernard Sumner, these things will be remembered. But the rest of his work for me falls into the category of sesssion work or solo albums that just don’t have that magic that vision ... a point, and a reason to go back to those records again and again.

      Though, you won’t find me going over to Marr solo.com to troll his fans. So my opinions are in a way a means to add balance amongst all the anti-Morrissey shit here on a Morrissey site. Instead of trolling Morrissey fans these folks should get a fucking life, do something positive with their time.
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    18. vegan.cro.spirit 222
      vegan.cro.spirit 222

      balcony is half empty FFS, just like all his other 'so called' sell outs.:lbf:
    19. vegan.cro.spirit 222
      vegan.cro.spirit 222
      balcony is half empty FFS, just like all his other 'so called' sell outs.:lbf:
      he may have sold out that tiny 100 seater in that caterwauling video:thumb:
    20. Anonymous
      It's a bit meaningless comparing whether either act has sold out a venue.
      It obviously depends on the venue size and the number of nights they play.
      In terms of their London audiences, Morissey's has been around 18-20,000 in recent years and Johnny Marr's about 5,000. This is probably representative of the difference generally (Moz 3 to 4 times more popular).
      However, Morrissey's fan-base hemorrhaged when he kept banging on about Johnny Robinson and For Britain/Annie Waters etc, probably falling down to about 10,000 (or lower) in London. If that becomes a distant memory and we don't get any more bigoted nonsense, it'll probably return to his normal level, but that's a big if.

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