This charming man? England is Mine explores a younger Morrissey to reveal lesser seen shades

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    This charming man? England is Mine explores a younger Morrissey to reveal lesser seen shades - The List (
    by Kirstyn Smith - 9th June, 2017.


    "Ahead of Morrissey biopic's world premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival, The List's music editor and self-confessed fan takes a look at the man behind the myth and the devotion he arouses.
    It's awkward being a Morrissey fan. It's even more awkward to be a Morrissey fan with a couple of very visible tattoos related to the singer. People are inclined to greet you with the phrase: 'What's that say? Morrissey? Aw, he's a c**t.' "


    Oh, and own up... who was it!? :)

    “For this article, I reached out to a well-known figure in the Morrissey fan community for their opinion on the Morrissey of today vs the Morrissey portrayed in England is Mine, Mark Gill's Morrissey biopic. They prefaced an interview with the proviso that they would contribute to 'any article that portrayed Morrissey in a positive light."
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    1. gordyboy9
      i would rather be a c**t and somebody who sticks to their values and wont bend them for anyone over somebody who will be one of the flock and not be honest in everything they do.
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    2. g23
      Valid point, but does sticking to your values preclude personal growth and social evolution?
      I'm not saying that M hasn't had those things, but it seems they have been slow, or in smaller amounts than most which leads to appearing more hostile than I imagine he actually is in his day to day life.
    3. Anonymous
      It was Julie Hamill
    4. Anonymous
      This article confuses me - is it only the start of a longer piece? It talks about an interview with a fan, then doesn't publish the interview. It begins to do a review of the film in question ("The film, based in 1970s Manchester, depicts a shy, insecure figure, scared to break from the mainstream, but simultaneously desperate to be that fish out of water...etc"), then in the last couple of sentences it appears the author hasn't actually seen the film anyway, but is just guessing ("It will be an interesting see").

      In short, I really don't see the point of it, as it has nothing to say. Maybe wait until the film is out, and write a piece then?
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    5. markreed
      Maybe it's an ex-band member who wrote it on Morrissey's front door.
    6. Urbanus
      The film was shit, leaked online.

      Pernilla was going "is this about a real person and what mental institution was he on?"

      We laughed so hard and then watched pictures of him in Rome all bloated and bald. What a right old cunt.
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    7. Anonymous
      It must be a very British phenomenon to be called a name for saying you're a morrissey fan. Have never had that experience here in the u.s or anything even close to it
    8. Urbanus
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    9. celibate
      still can't imagine Gaz did that. 'd.. w....r'
    10. rifke
      you can tell "pernilla"--she of the "mia farrow looks" (rigggghhht) and of the fondness for your "fuzzy legs" *puke*--that people are put in mental institutions, not on them.

      and while im at it, you dont watch pictures you look at them.
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    11. jimone
      I'm looking forward to seeing this, I've made a point of checking out Lowden's work, and found him to be pretty fucking good. The producers' ties to 'Control' auger well, and the whole 'labour of love' vibe that surrounds the film gives me optimism. If the film makers pander to the likes of Morrissey Solo contributers, it will surely disappear up its own arsehole, in a meaningless cycle of self importance. I want it to be good, and your condemnation will surely confirm this. Don't let me down people.
    12. Urbanus
      You won't believe me but I always use the wrong words here and there to upset people like you as you have nothing else to point out but I wanna hear you speak swedish and write in it too.

      I have always protested against official school english as it doesn't matter at all how you type as long as the message reaches those it is directed at.

      Me typing on instead of in has to do with the i and o being just beside each other on the keyboard and I rarely check my posts before I post them. I have often typed on instead of in and vice versa.

      You are so jealous of Pernilla for her Mia Farrow looks.


      Keep looking for meaningless mistakes so you and 12 Slack have somehing to do.

      Now call me and talk some swedish and send me a letter in swedish.

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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      I don't know why people look at others who remain a trouble making outsider/individual for the rest of their life as a bad thing. Though there are penalties to that way of life but the treasures surely outweigh the so called 'benefits' of the lives most have blindly chosen.
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    14. Urbanus
      My english versus your swedish.

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    15. g23
      I'm probably overthinking it, but at what point does it go from troublemaking to troublesome?
      I'm not disparaging any one way of life or thinking, but surely it leads to personal discomfort- not to mention the discomfort it causes in others. It's one thing to rouse the rabble, but another to make others feel less than.
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    16. g23
      Really? It got bad enough in the 90's that my standard reply was "That's Mister Faggot, thank you very much."
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    17. gordyboy9
      its usually people who don't get his humour,theyv never read his lyrics or his interviews.
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    18. Uncleskinny
      Or his bigotry and racism.
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    19. gordyboy9
      skinny on his high horse again.theres 20% off all clothing at mporium,away and buy yourself a tshirt to cheer yourself up.
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