This Charming Man - ( Alternative Kasual , Chemical Disco Boot )

I don't really agree. It's like saying a bad movie of a great book ruins the book. It doesn't.
When the author James M Cain (postman always rings twice, etc) was asked by an interviewer what he thought about the films that had destroyed his books he pointed to his bookshelf and said: "They didn't. My books are still there".

Thomas Mann said something similar. " Immer dahin stecht noch das Buch " when he was asked his opinion of a movie made, based on his books.
It doesn't necessarily mean the movie was bad but even if it was the book is still there and never loses it's worth, importance or attraction.
Cheers Acton, agree completely with you! Again.
Never heard a good remix or a cover either.
It could happen I guess with some neglected or underrated song with a different take.

Are you talking just Smiths songs here, or songs in general?
You've never heard a good cover of a song? I can't think of loads of great covers.
The rhythm with the vocals is weird. I can't tell if they are just off or the earnest way Morrissey is singing makes it feel wrong.. I thought the intro was good.
I don't like this sorta rave/boom boom boom musicmixes, don't matter what song they ruin.

God is a DJ/Born Slippy ,that sorta songs I can listen too, but this mixing is just playing with DJ set , this song , this charming man is absolutely not worthwile, only if you don't know the original and are on a dancefestival and this song comes along, doesn't matter who they are, it's just mixing records after and trough eachother
Are you talking just Smiths songs here, or songs in general?
You've never heard a good cover of a song? I can't think of loads of great covers.

Smiths and Moz songs.
Strange thing is I like Moz doing covers. :rolleyes:
Not all of them but a lot.
I am biased, but I'm not the only one. :o
Not bad, but I have serious doubts about Morrissey liking it. The original is so good...
With the annual Royal celebration of hey lets go out and kill thousands of birds for Christmas coming up I doubt Morrissey would be interested in this.
I prefer remixes to live recordings. Whereas Morrissey, I think, hates remixes and loves live recordings. I'd take another song over both...
That was actually painful to listen to they butchered the original which is a masterpiec. Leave it to some Swedish techno jerk off to ruin this song.
Music is subjective. I think it is fine and shows a mordern love for something old. I don't mind those new beats as I'm from the early 20's art of mix/808 state era. My son is liking "trap" music and I feel the enjoyment he gets out of it when we listen in the car together. My daughter and I have been working out to the latest grimes album a lot lately. But it goes both ways. My son likes head and the heart and my daughter loves it when I play Andrew bird.
Always happy to hear remixes and the revisiting of original tracks but this one really didn't seem to make a great deal of sense. It's certainly technically competent ( i.e. doesn't sound like a teen + rudimentary software) but ... but ... where are the guitars ?

The best aspect of the song has been totally overlooked. The electrifying , energetic , heart has gone and been replaced with particularly dull beats ...

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