This Charming Man - ( Alternative Kasual , Chemical Disco Boot )

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By Uncleskinny on Dec 18, 2016 at 6:57 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    Enjoy it before the lawyers get it taken down.

    1. Anonymous
      Not bad at all.
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    2. PRR
      What's to enjoy ? Original is great song - just leave it alone. Bloody awful
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    3. nat
      Not terrible but remixes are kinda annoying and usually ruin the original song.
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    4. Anonymous
      Reminds of Pet Shop Boys style remixes during the 80s...
    5. Anonymous
      Agree. Can't think of any remix I'm fond of
    6. gordyboy9
      anybody fancy a dance.yes I'm asking.
    7. Anonymous
      At the moment, the only ones that come to my mind are New Order remixes of singles for their Republic album in 1993, and Pet Shop Boys, A Red letter Day in 1996. Not many, really...
    8. ACTON
      How about the extended version of The Cure songs: Lovesong, Lullaby, A Forest, Fascination Street, A Letter to Elise? They are brilliant. Same for extended mix of Blue Monday and Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. Electronic's remixes of Getting Away With It and Get The Message and Lucky Bag. There are some great remixes out there. New Order released a remix version of their last album called 'Complete Music' and it is great. A remix can never be as good as the original song but some remixes compliment the original.
    9. ACTON
      I don't really agree. It's like saying a bad movie of a great book ruins the book. It doesn't.
      When the author James M Cain (postman always rings twice, etc) was asked by an interviewer what he thought about the films that had destroyed his books he pointed to his bookshelf and said: "They didn't. My books are still there".
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    10. gonzax
      Agreed, some remixes are great, particularly those y0u mention by The Cure. But I also have to say it is not quite the case with this one.
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    11. Anonymous
      It's always good to hear people being creative whatever I may think of the end result. I think this is dreadful but some people may enoy it, and who knows, they may even be turned onto The Smiths.
    12. ACTON
      Yep it's not great. I liked the extended versions of Interlude and Moonriver and a couple of the remixes of This Charming Man (from the 80's). A lot of modern remixes are indulgent cack.
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    13. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Never heard a good remix or a cover either.
      It could happen I guess with some neglected or underrated song with a different take.
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    14. Anonymous
      To be honest, I can't really hear any difference between this and the original version. Johnny's guitar is maybe slightly less trebly?
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    15. nat
      But you're right! I think i didn't express myself right, i meant that a remix is rarely as good and very possibly never better than the original song. Well, that's just my opinion but i have never been a fan of remixes anyway.
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    16. ACTON
      I'm much the same as you. I find most remixes to be boring and a waste of time and a slightly sterile version of the original song. Remixes are rarely worth bothering with apart from the odd gem.
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    17. Anonymous
      What's to like? If you want This Charming Man there's an impeccable original.

      It's better than the New York version, but that's like saying being stabbed us preferably to being sawn in half.
    18. Anonymous
      No I've not heard them and am a bit or miss fan of he cute. I'm not much of a dance music fan at all. I like electro pop like what electronic, I love getting away with it etc, does but that's about as far as it goes. I only like dance music when I'm dancing and for the most part even then it just kinda feels interchangeable. Also knowin and loving the original usually just makes me wish I was listening to that. I like when artists change things and extend musical passages live but I find most remixes to be dance oriented and not for me
    19. nat
      Exactly, just unnecessary. I still give it a try most of the times a new one pops up but it's never satisfying. Oh well, at least we will always have the original songs.

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