This Charming Man 30th anniversary


30 years ago today This Charming Man was released.

I read reviews on music magazines that some people were raving about it.

However, I was living in a small island where didn't have a record shop selling British import.
The first time I finally listened to the song on 24th December 1984, Peel session version on Hatful of Hollow.
It should have been a number 1 hit. Perhaps one the best Smiths songs.
One of the genuinely important and historic songs of the C20th.

Nothing that Morrissey has said, done, sung or become can ever tarnish it.

Of course, it's Johnny Marr's unconscious channeling of African high-life guitar that sounds so thrilling 30 years on. A perfect synthesis of music, words, thematic innovation, and wonderful drum and bass playing. Concise, precise, taut, fraught. It's perfect.
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