This Charming Band with **THE POLECATS** (6/7 @ Oakland, CA)

This Charming Ben

Six-String Samurai
How ironic how you were critical of other "girating" front men but now that's exactly what you have.
I don't know which criticism you're referring to specifically, but I think I've been pretty consistent with my view on that. Namely that flopping around on stage while dressed as Morrissey is neither necessary nor sufficient to be a "good" Smiths tribute band. But it's not outlawed either. Some of that is fine as long as it doesn't come at the expense of the sound. TCB has always been focused on the quality of the music first and foremost, and that has not changed one bit. Our new singer got the job because he's an experienced vocalist who -- to our ears -- sounds better singing this stuff than possibly anyone we've heard short of Moz himself. Now... that he chooses to also flop around on stage is his prerogative, but in the end it's just the... discretional icing... on a cake made of real vocal talent. :)
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