Third Tokyo date added (Ebisu Garden Hall, May 3) -

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    Third Tokyo date added -
    21 March 2012

    Morrissey will play a third date in Tokyo on Thursday, May 3, at Ebisu Garden Hall.
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    1. Anonymous
      My hopes of Morrissey swinging by Asia meaning he would tour Australia are definitely over now. All I can say is I'm glad he toured here in 2002 with Boz, Alain and Gaz. No Spencer then but Deano was ok. They all wore their own clothes and had their own style. And what a set list! Viva Hate, Bona Drag, Vauxhall and The Smiths! Spoiled for choice. Other than AIMMN the new songs don't excite me too much and the possibility of seeing Boz dressed as a woman and the rest of them in tiny yellow shorts I think I'll pass :) Mozzer has still got it but some of it has definitely slipped away.

      - marred.
    2. Anonymous
      Can anyone find an angle in this story on which to criticise him? 3rd date = money-grabbing? 3rd date = too many dates>bound to cancel??
    3. Anonymous
      I agree with the first post. Back when he toured with Gary, Boz, and Alain,--Spencer as well, those were quality tours. I would not pay to see the ridiculous things he does with his band.
    4. Anonymous
      Anonymous thank the people of Japan for services to whale ecology, no doubt.
    5. Anonymous
    6. Anonymous
      Well, I, for one, use this site primarily for tour updates, although the information, rarities, and items of nostalgia are fun as well. That having been said, every day I check in, hoping to find some announcement about a tour in the eastern US, and every day I come away disappointed. So, is the US leg officially over now? Nice to see our man Moz satiating the need for his fans in Asia and South America. But, will he never swing back by the states again on this tour, and play places such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston? I know, my guess is as good as yours. But, in this regard, no news is bad news. Much is made by the Morrissey camp about record deals, representation, and management (or lack thereof). Could those factors be what's keeping Morrissey away from that part of the US? Please, someone enlighten me. I need reasons! But, more importantly, I need some tour dates closer to my neck of the woods!

      Also, what's with a new album?
    7. fatboz
      100 quid says moz dresses the gang up as nijas or in kimonos
    8. Anonymous
      Capacity at that venue is only 763. Pathetic, that he can't secure a larger venue than that in the 2nd most populated city in the world!
    9. Kewpie
      Actually Ebisu Garden Hall standing capacity is 1500 and seating is 750.
    10. Anonymous
      I think you'll find according to everyone's favourite website, whackapaedophile, Tokyo is ranked 13th in the world's most populated cities. Karachi is 2nd (or Chennai is if you are judging by density).
    11. johnson
      Fake. Foolish. Opportunist. Ignorant jerk.
    12. Anonymous
      "kimono my house"
    13. CrystalGeezer
      I bought 3 quick pick lotto tickets hopefully worth $200 million paid over the course of 30 years in the hope of seeing this show. :p
    14. Anonymous
      I love my man. I love my family. I'm so far away from you. Enough talking, just make yourself happy Moz, if you want to be happy. Not so cool to sing sadness all the time. May you'll find happiness in your own way. Good-bye.
    15. leedoggpimp
      as for a new album, he has two albums worth of material but no album deal (i'm picturing morrissey being a total prick and unwilling to compromise at these record label negotiations) .. morrissey tends to cancel alot of his east coast gigs maybe it's the weather or the lack of poor ticket sales.. i don't know.
    16. Anonymous
      Well, why should he tour America, you had your fair share a few years ago, a nice gig in London or the Hop Farm again to round it off would be nice.
    17. Anonymous
      What do you mean by "lack of poor ticket sales"?
    18. lindsey1151
      Looks like were on the same boat as our Austrailian and New zealand fans. :(
    19. Anonymous
      Show us more of your amazing eye tricks, lindsey1151!

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