These DJs have been playing nothing but The Smiths for 28 months straight - NOISEY

An article I came across on Vice for anybody who's interested...

These DJs have been playing nothing but The Smiths for 28 months straight - NOISEY
By Kristel Jax


"Can we get some "Shakespeare's Sister" up in this bitch?" Unlovable bartender Goldie calls at quarter after 2 AM, as stragglers nurse their last beers and twist their final drunken dances. I’m not being rude—this Dundas West bar is named Unlovable, after the Smiths song. And this isn’t just last call for drinks: the night is winding down on “Smiths is Dead is Dead,” the 28th and final incarnation of Michael K. Newton and Scott Wade’s monthly DJ night devoted to playing strictly The Smiths and Morrissey. All night long. As far as they know, it's the only party of its kind to do so in the world. “I would do a night like this for free to no one,” Michael admits. I’ve known the guy as one of Toronto’s more Eeyore-ish radio hosts and DJs for a while, and I’ve never seen him happier than he is tonight behind the decks, playing some of the most miserable music ever committed to tape. “I’m usually just sitting around listening to the Smiths anyways—I might as well try to share that feeling with the 30, 40, 60 people that show up.”

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Piece of shit baby seal head smashing Canadians. I found out something else these Canadians do, they sell the black bear fur for the hats that the guards in front of that castle where the old lady president of England and the rest of her Hillbilly family live.

"Football scarf"..ha ha

I can vouch but only for myself, that I've never seen a seal, nor skinned a bear, but we've had a few people come out to our night (as i usually post about it in the Events section of the forum), and I thank moz solo-ians for that.

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