There's A Light French 7"


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I finished going through my collection and realized that I had collected 2 copies of the French There's a Light 7"

I went through the first 7 pages of popsike and see that on average it has been going for around 250GBP.

I don't want to sell my 2nd copy but am willing to trade for something of equal value. I might even be enticed to trade for a few unreleased songs if anybody has some.

Here are some pics, PM me if interested or if you want better pics.



Hi there,

i think a realistic price on ebay will be 150Euro, maybe up to 200Euro.
Do you search something special?

Hi David

I was after one of these for ages and finally got a absolute mint one from the States for about £185 incl. postage a few months ago and a couple sold for only about £115 a couple weeks before then (although they weren't in such good condition). So an average of £250 seems a bit steep? I agree with Birkmael on their estimate.

What sort of thing would you be willing to trade for? I have one or two duplicates and so I might be interested. There are two different versions of this record (they have a different layout on the rear sleeve) and at the moment I have the other version.
fair enough on the value. Like I said, I was just using popsike as a means to get an idea. As far as what I am looking for? I wouldn't mind getting a hold of the " No one can hold a candle" promo.

but, just PM me with what you would be willing to trade.

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