"There Is A Light..." (Medieval Style Cover, Bardcore) - Constantine Bard / YouTube


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Look, I'm lazy. Has there been a death-metal version yet?
Give it long enough and Jesse Tobias will get round to it.
His attack on This Charming Man sounded like he was auditioning for Motörhead.


Game Of Death.
if only i had a 6 pack of mead.its different and isnt too bad.


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Liked the medieval version. Can just imagine Robin Hood & Maid Marian swaying to this one.
Lute's fine "be mine & then let's stay in for the night"...


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It's high time Maher entered his late-in-life Turlough O'Carolan and/or Ritchie Blackmore lute/harp/harpsicord phase and stopped with the hair dye, pleather jeans and all the rest of that 'rock'n'roll' rubbish.

And Steven Morrissey needs to ease up on the whole 'Liberace stole the contents of my jewellery case' stuff. And 'get off of the stage'. If he's so revolted by his own appearance in the mirror that he refuses any further photographic sessions (how very Dorian, darlings!) why on your Planet Earth does he think any of us still want to look at his wizened, bedraggled walking corpsetarian frame and face? Doesn't fcukin make sense, at all, innit, yer arse'n'all, chipper cakes shop Wythenshawe. I bet Nancy loves this one.

This excellent piece shows that the creations of 'The Smiths Family', that radical art collective of the 1980s which your planetary media refer to as 'The Smiths', were startling interdimensional music compositions, the significance of which transcends your current humanoid limited definitions of space-time reality.

Let's hope that the geetar-karaoke-clone of Marr known as Alain Whyte is hip to this mediaeval vibe and puts down that White Gretsch Falcon, it's already beyond boring. Melvis in Outer Space, captured by The Baialurien Fleet and held captive with the actual bona-fide Elvis, Stan Getz and The Singing Nun, that blessed sybil Hrswitha.

I can just picture Sir Jimmy Saville introducing this on an interdimensional re-run of Ye Olde Top Of The Suck On This Popsicles with Morrissey and Marr and 'The Lawnmower Parts' dressed in cod-pieces. A cameo by Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder mode for the video would also be excellent.

10/10 for this wondrous "There Is A Light..." (Medieval Style Cover, Bardcore) by the minstrel Commonly Known As Constantine -Bard Of Lute and perhaps Harp. I will be studying this gentleman intently whilst I await the next installment of 'The Smiths Stars On 45' from The Morrissey Solo Band with barely suppressed boredom...

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Intergalactic Megastar

...cue Beastie Boyz! I hear that Morrissey fella's into the rap thing these days: but prolly only if they're both dead and Black. Wait till he hears my diss-track. Well, actually, I've been posting it here for...quite...a...long...time, eh?


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