"There Is A Light..." lyric painting South Bank, London

Virgil Tracy writes:

This fantastic painting had appeared on the South Bank in London. It's to the side entrance to the BFI. Between the BFI and the Festival Hall.

There is currently an Italian Neo-Realism season at the BFI plus in September they will be screening a few showings of the Pasolini film staring Willem Defoe. Perfect for a dreaded sunny day.

UPDATE Aug. 6:

Image is now also on true-to-you.net. Link from Morran:

London graffiti / mural / wall art - true-to-you.net
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Maurice E Maher

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Good find, Tracy!
A little off-topic but this Corbyn mania thing is all rather splendid.
You must do everything you can to make sure he gets elected.
Ken Clarke, Boris Johnson and Billy Bragg can't all be wrong!
Mr ME Maher


The kissing couple on the left are freakin' me out.
How come the girl's head is twice the size of the guy's?
Is she a giant? Or is she kissing a little baby that has the face of an adult man? Either way, it's a bit kinky, like.

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