Morrissey Central "There Is A Happy Land." (February 14, 2024)

His worst single to date. Crap lyrics, crap music and that shrieking banshee in the background.

Moaning Myrtle’s quality control department should have burned this track. Unfortunately there is no such department.
Have you not heard WPINOYB, Kiss Me A Lot, Bobby or Love is On It’s Way Out?
"That's How I Got Exhausted" sung to the tune of "That's How People Grow Up"

I burned through my days
Desperately chasing after live dates
Disappointment descended upon me
Crushed my spirit, left me battered and drained

But that's how people get exhausted
That's how people get exhausted

I drank away my nights
Hunted for affection
Yearned for someone to see me
As their shining beacon
I wasted away my moments
Prayed for love
For a love that remained elusive
From someone who was nothing but a figment

And that's how I got exhausted
That's how I got exhausted

Let me have existed
Before I wither away
No, not me
Not exhaustion

I squandered my very essence
Consumed by self-absorption
A voice from the brink of death murmured
There were other torments, too

Cancelled shows and tours, with no apologies to my fans
A burden I carry, a weight upon my conscience
Each missed connection, each broken promise
Adding to the fatigue, the relentless march of exhaustion
That's how I got exhausted
That's how I got exhausted

Resting in Zurich under Captain Donnie's orders
Yet even in the sanctuary of sleep, the demons of exhaustion haunt me
Every moment is a battle against the unyielding tide of fatigue
That's how I got exhausted
That's how I got exhausted

As for me, I am exhausted
For now, at least
"Yearned for someone to see me
As their shining beacon"

Husband and I have decided that for the sexiest Valentine's Day possible we are going to read the super sexy sex passages from List of the Lost to each other, while calling each other Ezra and Eliza.
Ffs there was I thinking you were Brett himself replying to me.
Just to avoid being carted off to the dead zone of off-topic: does anyone here think a duet between Moz and Brett would be ace? If Moz had Richard Oakes and the power of the Suede band writing songs for him he'd be riding high. Not that I want that. Suede are brilliant and their last three albums are masterpieces and Brett is beyond fabulous. I just think if they wrote even one song for Moz it'd be a killer track.
I kinda like Black Cloud, but the rest of “Years of Reluctance” is not even decent filler. Carol was the first taste of the “holiday in Magaluf” sound that later gave us the abomination called Worldpeace.

This Macarena sound doesn’t become him. It sounds cheap, cringeworthy and carnavalesque. No wonder Harvest dropped him after releasing that awful, horrible album.
It is crap on so many levels. I never ever play that album.
Have you not heard WPINOYB, Kiss Me A Lot, Bobby or Love is On It’s Way Out?
Kiss me a lot is a great track and one of the best songs of the last few albums.

I listen to it everywhere, stockyard, churchyard, your mommy’s back yard, courtyard, vineyard, shipyard, timber yard.
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I can live with Love Is On It's Way Out but those other 3 songs actually make me angry! I hate that those songs exist.
I feel the same way.
I tell ya' what, that Sam guy is going to go far!

I'd forgotten this monstrosity existed
Definitely! It's an absolute awful video (and the song isn't great either). Seeing SER's preferred type of photomodel, I have no doubt that the scantily clad women were his idea. Nothing in this video goes together
I can't believe he didn't post Ryan's favorite video


The best part is how the single artwork suddenly stops the continuity of the WPINOYB digital releases for absolutely no reason.
All The Young Turkeys Must Fall In L❤️ve


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