Thelma & Louise on C5 tonight (UK)

Jukebox Jury

What a film and wooooaaaaahhhhhh........
What a pair of leading characters. Both very very tasty. Even Susan Sarandon who I believe has hit 60 now, still to this day is gorgeous.
I once went out with a women who I was attracted to as she looked (vaguely, maybe after a few pints) like Gina Davis.

I love the bit in the film where that dirty old pervvy truck driver pushes them too far and they entice him into the service station, whip him up into a frenzy and then blow his lorry up! Way to go girls (as they would say in Texas)

Jukebox Jury melting at his computer.
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What time is it on? I mgiht watch it, I'm not sure if I've watched it all the way through...


Too late for me I'm in bed by 11 these days...
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